4 salad recipes to try at home

4 salad recipes to try at home

4 salad recipes to try at home

Summer is coming and that summer body is not made by itself. That’s why trying some salad recipes might be a good idea, not only for your physical appearance, but also for your health.

When you think of diet, you instantly think of tasteless salads, the torment of eating something you don’t like, and the attempts to stay away from the candy closet. However, who said salads should be tasteless?

A good salad brings you the necessary intake of nutrients and comes with an explosion of tastes that will turn your back on you.

If you want to eat healthy and tasty at the same time, here are the Suceava salad recipes we recommend.

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They are simple and can be made at home at any time. Moreover, they bring you the necessary intake of nutrients and carbohydrates.

salad recipes
salad recipes

Seasonal salad recipes

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Summer is the season that offers you the most seasonal salads. That’s because you also have fresh ingredients that you can get from local producers. Whether we are talking about arugula, valerian, lettuce or baby spinach, you have many greens to choose from and which you can use as a base for salad.

The combinations are many and you will certainly not run out of salad ideas.

Take advantage of the fresh greens you find in markets or shops and adapt your diet according to the season. As you know, the warm season is the period when it is advisable to eat as much light food and as much water as possible.

Salad with pears, nuts and gorgonzola

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This recipe is perfect if you want a tasty, filling and at the same time full of nutrients dinner. You can serve it with a glass of white wine. The ingredients that make the salad special are the ones you see in the name: pears, nuts and gorgonzola.

Here are the ingredients you need: iceberg lettuce, walnut kernels, gorgonzola, a pear, olive oil and apple cider vinegar. Depending on the taste, you can add salt and pepper. If you are an ace in the kitchen, you can also make a sauce that fits this recipe.

Depending on your preferences, you can put more or less nuts. It is important that they are chopped into small pieces. He also chops the pears and crushes the cheese.

Cold pasta salad with tuna

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If you are really hungry and want to eat something fuller, we recommend a pasta and tuna salad. It is easy to prepare and healthy. You need: 200 gr. pasta, 1 canned tuna, baby spinach, carrot, red beans, corn, green olives and lemon.

Boil the pasta, mix it with the spinach and the rest of the ingredients and add spices to taste. That’s it, you can enjoy a diet friendly and filling salad.

Salată cu avocado și creveți

If you want to eat healthy, this salad will be your best friend. Avocado is a source of protein, and shrimp have a low caloric density.

Here are the ingredients you need: avocado, 10 shrimp, onions, tomatoes, asparagus, romaine salad, butter and olives. Mix the ingredients and match to taste.

Salad with feta cheese and smoked salmon

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Sure, you didn’t think of that combination, but it goes great with salad. However, do not add extra salt because salmon and cheese are quite salty.

You need feta cheese, 100 gr. smoked salmon, cucumbers, bell peppers, red and green onions, salad mix, seeds.

Combine the ingredients and prepare a specific dressing.

You can add the ingredients in the amount you want, to taste, to any of these salad recipes. Salt and pepper are also at your fingertips.

Container Street Food Suceava offers you seasonal salad recipes

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If you don't have time to prepare the food yourself or you just want to make sure you don't miss the recipe, come to Container Street Food Suceava. We have prepared a balanced menu that will put all the nutrients you need on your plate.

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Come to the restaurant or order your favorite food from the Container app, which you can find both on Google Play and in the Apple Store.

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