5 breakfast ideas to try

5 breakfast ideas to try

5 breakfast ideas to try

Are you looking for breakfast ideas in Suceava? If you are tired of the classic breakfast recipes and are looking for something that will fully satisfy your appetite, at Container Street Food we have prepared a varied menu for you.

Have you ever had a craving for something but didn’t know exactly why? And do you want a hearty, but light, super good, diverse and flavorful breakfast?

Well, we know how it is. That’s why, at Container Street Food Suceava, we have prepared a complete menu for breakfast.

We invite you to come to us to eat well, healthy and every time something very good. Because we like food with taste, our team of chefs cook each dish with care and passion every time. You wouldn’t believe it, but putting “a little love” into food really does go a long way.

In addition, all our recipes are prepared with only natural, fresh ingredients and purchased, as much as possible, from local producers.

To convince you that we have a good breakfast, look what dishes you can find at Container Street Food Suceava

5 ideas for breakfast

Classic and good: Breakfast Container.

When we talk about breakfast, you clearly think of eggs. To make it a combination you can’t refuse, we added soft, warm sausages to the eggs with a texture you can’t refuse.

To make the menu perfect, I added bacon, tomatoes, cucumbers and olives to this breakfast. Along with warm and good toast, it’s the perfect breakfast option. Where do you think he also has a coffee?

Folded omelette. We are not giving up the classic eggs for two reasons: they are full of nutrients and they are filling and tasty. Thanks to our chef’s recipe, we doubled the good taste.

This omelette also has bacon, mozzarella, a salad mix and toast.

Spicy eggs in a bun and coffee. Craving a bold and good breakfast? How about spicy eggs? I put ciabatta, bacon and matched them with mozzarella and salad. Along with a coffee, with this breakfast you are ready to welcome any kind of day.

Omelette with bacon in a tortilla. I was talking about unconventional breakfasts. Look at one right here. I took an omelette with bacon, lettuce and tomato mix and put it in the tortilla. It turned out such a good breakfast that it is among the customers’ favorites. And then, as the day doesn’t seem to go well without black liquor, this menu also contains coffee.

And because nothing beats the simple omelet for breakfast, we added it to our menu. The simple omelet is a clear favorite for breakfast, so we invite you to try our chef’s recipe.

Delicious breakfast at Container Street Food Suceava

If you’re craving a delicious breakfast, we invite you to try our recipes.

The chefs at Container have prepared recipes that will surprise you, but that keep the classic taste that you love.

Te invităm să încerci rețetele noastre în restaurantul din Suceava. Sau, dacă preferi, lasă comanda ta la unul dintre numerele de telefon afișate pe site. Unul dintre colegii noștri vine la tine repede repede cu mâncarea comandată.

In addition, we also launched the Container Street Food Suceava app. The application is free and can be found in both Google Play and the App Store. It’s super easy now to order and enjoy your food. The menu is always in your pocket, and one of our deliverymen is just a call away. Download the app and enjoy good meals.

To find the breakfast menu faster, go to the following link: https://containerstreetfood.com/meniu/mic-dejun/

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