Are you a burger fan? Here’s what you need to know

Are you a burger fan? Here’s what you need to know

Are you a burger fan? Here’s what you need to know

The burger is one of the most popular dishes on earth. Everyone is looking for good burgers that have a different taste that will make you ready in no time.

Container Street Food took you on a tour of the twisted burgers and showed you how to make quality burgers, which leave a rainbow on your palate and smiles in your stomach.

Moreover, the burger is a food available to anyone, especially those who work from home and office. So burger deliveries are on fire.


And whoever said the burger is unhealthy is wrong. The burger is a healthy food, as nutritionists have said, along with pizza. Of course, in certain mitigating circumstances. I mean, if you eat 3 burgers a day at every meal, it’s not necessarily a good plan.

And if we still like the burger so much, let’s tell you some mindblowing things about the dish.

Things you didn’t know about this burger

  1. The name. The name comes from Hamburger, the name of the city. The people there popularized the term and that’s how it got around the world. I wrote a more extensive article about the name, so check it out.
  2. When the dish came along, in addition to not being called a burger, it wasn’t even made from beef. The oldest legend says that the burger was actually a piece of meat placed between two slices of bread. At that time, the meat was chicken. Before that, in the 1700s, bread was toasted. But since then, the burger has emancipated itself more than technology and has even had restaurants with specifics.
  3. As soon as the burger appeared, everyone loved it and it didn’t take long for it to cross borders. It is not for nothing that it is a preparation that has lasted so long.
  4. Today there are a lot of burger varieties, but they appeared recently at the beginning of the last century. We are talking about chickenburger or cheeseburger.
  5. Did you know that there is an absolute record for eating burgers? Someone even fell in love with the food and ate a 4 kilogram burger. The most surprising part is that the burger was eaten in 27 minutes. A normal burger you find in any restaurant weighs only a few hundred grams.
  6. It was the Americans who took the love of burgers to another level. There is a restaurant in Las Vegas called Cord Attack. In this restaurant, the waitresses dress as nurses, and the burgers on the menu are called heart interventions. It’s probably a little scary when you buy a burger called a quadruple bypass. And when you find out that it has about 10,000 calories, you start to understand why it’s called that. And yet, the name is a good trigger to stop eating in time.

What nutritionists say about burgers

Burgers are also our favorite food, that’s why we always tried to put the best burgers on your plate. However, the dish was not famous in the US until 1904. Today, Americans consume 50 billion burgers a year. At a simple calculation, all this amount would go around the earth at least 32 times.

However, the opinion of specialists matters, so here’s what the experts say. Depending on how the burger is prepared, it can be a healthy food. Health experts say YES to the burger, if it is eaten in moderation. You know how it is, balance is important everywhere. So as long as you don’t abuse the burger, it has nothing to hurt you.

Moreover, it is good for your stomach. And as we know that health comes first, we cook burgers with fresh and natural ingredients from local producers. We do everything we can to bring you the best taste in a burger as natural as possible. And it certainly doesn’t have over 10,000 calories, so you’re safe with us.

We do not stand in the way of happiness and we bring you quality burgers, tasty and that will turn you on your back. Take a look at our burger menu and tell us what you like.

We deliver at home in Suceava, quickly and efficiently, hot food and only good to enjoy.

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