Burgers Suceava: 10 secrets for the perfect burger.

Burgers Suceava: 10 secrets for the perfect burger.

Burgers Suceava: 10 secrets for the perfect burger.

I wrote a lot about burgers in Suceava, but we have a good excuse: we really like them.

Even if it’s fasting, find out that burgers can also be fasting, so you can rest easy cooking.

In the meantime, we leave you with some secrets to know next time you want to make a burger like a book.

These secrets have been told by the world’s greatest chefs. However, you will be surprised at how logical some are.

Find out that we implement them all, in order to put the tastiest burger on your table.

The burger is already a tradition in the United States and so it is with us.

And if you think the burger is a piece of meat between two buns, find out that your opinion is wrong.

The burger is a good, complex food that contains an explosive combination of flavors. It is a complicated dish that risks being defamed if it is not cooked according to famous recipes.

Burgers Suceava: the perfect recipe

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The first tip we can give you is to use fresh meat. In the case of any preparation, the origin of the meat is very important.

Especially when we talk about a dish based on meat. Use meat whose origin you know and which you can prepare in your own kitchen. You wouldn’t believe it, but it’s crucial.

Then choose a meat that has at least 15-20% fat. Although in many dishes it is recommended to eat lean meat, in the burger it’s the other way around.

For a classic burger juicer, you need breaded meat. The fat I was talking about is important because it keeps the meatball compact and tenderizes the meat.

When you start to form the meatball, use the meat as cold as possible. Moreover, knead it as little and as quickly as possible. Melting meat fat leads to a soft, sticky meatball and you definitely don’t want that.

Burgers Suceava, a matter of serious people

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If you have decided to make burgers, it means that you are serious. Therefore, make sure you do the job as per the book.

And just like the book, the final result must look. So the next step you need to consider is weighing the meatball.

You don’t want to have a meatball that is too big or too small, because it affects the taste and balance of the burger. Once you have formed it properly, season it only when it is ready!

Yes, not before. The salt added after the meatball is formed helps seal the juices in the meat. If your burgers on the grill have disintegrated, the reason is this: you seasoned the meat, with the meatball ready.

Balance is also necessary in the case of a burger

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Surely it happened to you to eat a Suceava burger and to have the impression that something is missing. A vegetable, a sauce, a little salt.

In vain you have the perfect meatball if you did not put the ingredients in the right proportion. Fatty meat will always need something acidic. Both for taste and digestion.

We are talking about raw vegetables, pickles, salad. The sauce is indispensable, for a better taste. The sauce must be homemade and prepared from natural ingredients.

And, if you still make an effort to get quality and fresh meat, do the same with the bun. Don’t upset the burger and try to make a bun that doesn’t contain a lot of sugar.

After you have dealt with this aspect, the preparation begins.

Fry the bun on the side that was cut. Why? Because the ingredients in the burger contain a lot of water and you wouldn’t want to have wet bread.

And last but not least, put a sour drink next to this good burger. It is not for nothing that it goes so well with Suceava burgers.

And last but not least, put some good cheer in that burger. Make it as if it’s the last burger you eat and it will be delicious.

In any case, if you want a burger as per the book, the Container Street Food team invites you to the restaurant.

We have prepared Suceava burgers for you, cooked to order, with fresh ingredients and an explosion of tastes and flavors. As a burger really should be.

Now you can order your favorite food easily and quickly, using the Container app.

You choose what you like, place the order and we are with you in two strokes and three movements.

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The application is free!

In the meantime, we invite you to the restaurant, where we are waiting for you with good cheer, smiles and delicious cooked food. If you haven't been to our restaurant yet, here are some reasons to pay us a visit: what do you lose if you don't come to Container Street Food Suceava.

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