Burgers Suceava: Our everyday food

Burgers Suceava: Our everyday food

Burgers Suceava: Our everyday food

If you are a fan of Suceava burgers, then we hope you read the article on a full stomach. Not the other way around, but we’re pretty sure you’ll crave a really good burger.

The burger is a kind of Oprah of food: everyone appreciates it and everyone has tried it at least once. Some still enjoy it constantly, most people. And who to judge, that only the burger is a dish loved by everyone, in the whole world.

A well-known thing is that the burger is a mainstream dish, but it has not lost its flavor of the interior with its “fame”. He stayed true to good taste.

The most suitable proof in this sense are those Suceava burgers from Container. Always surprisingly good and yet faithful to classic recipes. Sure, the gastronomic secret is at home, but that's not what it's about.

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Today it’s about a few things you may not know about burgers.

Container brings you the best Suceava burgers

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Seriously, the burgers at Container have personality. They are not made with any kind of ingredients, but only with the freshest and best. Moreover, the meat is carefully selected.

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If you have read our article on how to make a good burger, then you know how important the choice and preparation of meat is.

Even if it seems tiring, we give the necessary time for a burger to become good. We pay attention to the perfect preparation and combination, just so that you can enjoy a burger properly.

We admit, we also like it when you come back, because that’s how we know we really did a good job.

If you are in a hurry and do not have time to cross our threshold for a good burger, then know that you can download our free application and order from there that good burger that catches your eye.

It's simple and fast and you can find the application in both the Apple Store and the Google Store. To make it easier for you, we leave the links here: http://bit.ly/37jf3OZ http://apple.co/2NbbMKz

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burgers Suceava
burgers Suceava

What you didn't know about burgers

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The first burger was not invented in America. Although when you say America, you instantly associate the country with burgers, fries and cola. Even the Italians were not the ones who stole the start with the best dish ever.

The burgers were born in the German city of Hamburg. In fact, as I told you in the burger story, the name hamburger comes from the very place where it was invented.

These burgers were first sold in 1921 in a chain called White Castle for 5 cents. After World War II, burgers began to appear elsewhere.

The best-selling sandwiches in the world

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Burgers make up 60% of sandwiches sold worldwide. Some fast food chains even sell 70 burgers per second. I think you realize what deployment of forces is there, especially on the serving side.

The burgers have adapted to all cultures, so if you have the opportunity to go through Australia, give the kangaroo burger a try.

Suceava burgers only with chicken?

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What would you say if you ate Suceava burgers only with chicken? Well, initially, that’s the only way burgers were made.

And of course they were good, considering that the world record for eating a burger is 4 kg in just 27 minutes. As you know, a burger weighs only a few hundred grams.

And, if that sounds exceptional to you, the most expensive burger costs $ 295. That’s because the dish contains white truffles infused in butter, Japanese beef and other dishes that consistently contribute to the price. The burger is served with caviar, cream and truffles and comes with a gold toothpick.

However, this is nothing more than the $ 5,000 burger served with an expensive champagne.

And to end on a positive note, find out that Americans believe that burgers are a healthy dish.

It is already known that the ingredients of the preparation are good sources of protein, iron and vitamin B12. Of course, consumed in moderation, they can bring real benefits to the body.

And, to give credit to the dish, find out that Romanian nutritionists also consider the burger to be a healthy dish.

Therefore, we invite you to Container Street Food Suceava for a healthy and tasty dish.

And if time does not allow you to enjoy a dish on the terrace, you can order it at home at any time.

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