Carnivorous snacks in breads at Container Suceava

Carnivorous snacks in breads at Container Suceava

Carnivorous snacks in breads at Container Suceava

Do you want to eat something really good? Get your well-being and come to Container Suceava. In the new menu we have prepared some dishes that will make you exclaim WOW without hesitation.

Carnivorous snacks in breads are something I’ve been dreaming of for a long time: warm, tasty dishes, wrapped in tender and soft dough, with aromatic and well-cooked meat and assorted vegetables at your discretion.

Lipie with chicken at Container Suceava

As simple as it is good. The chicken lipia is proof that we love to cook, but especially that we love to cook good food With fresh and tender chicken breast from local producers, peppers, onions, corn, mozzarella and salad, the chicken lipia is just what you need in crowded afternoons or evenings too full of tasks. Matched with spicy mayo sauce, you will soon discover your new favorite dish. It’s only 25 lei and can be enjoyed in the restaurant or as a takeaway at your home.

Stew with beef

Just like chicken flounder, only with beef. But what you wouldn’t expect is the combination of flavors from which this change results. When you’re craving a tasty and filling lipia, come to Suceava Container and try our lipias. We guarantee you’ll leave satisfied.

Container House Dog at Container Suceava

Just when you thought we couldn’t innovate anymore in terms of dishes, Container Suceava launches the new menu. Container House Dog is clear proof that food innovation will never stop. A hot dog bun with chicken and turkey sausages, lettuce, onion flakes, pickles and house sauce, our house dog easily becomes both your favorite snack and dinner. Sometimes it works perfectly as breakfast. The surprising combination of flavors is sure to please any gourmet, so all you have to do is try it.

Visit us anytime at the restaurant or order Container House Dog at your home, through our free app.

Instagrammable, so come with your phone ready

The new menu at Container Suceava is not only very good, but it looks super good in the pictures. Especially the new Insta Cheesy Bread, an amazing combination of ham, mozzarella, bacon, chicken breast and tomatoes. Before you try it, take a quick photo and tag us on Insta.

Another successful attempt on our menu is the Fresh Chicago Dog, an emancipated, upgraded hot dog. In other words, better than any hot dog you’ve ever tasted. It’s with turkey and chicken sausages, paired with vegetables and the house sauce.

When you visit us, be sure to try the baked vegetable paste. Perfect for the summer, light but filling, the veggie flatbread is the lunch you need on hectic days.

We invite you to Container Street Food Suceava to try our new menu and, if you want to test our dishes at home, you just have to download our application – Container Street Food Suceava. It’s available for free on Google Play and the App Store and is the best shortcut to a tasty meal.

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