Container, in the top of Suceava restaurant preferences

Container, in the top of Suceava restaurant preferences

Container, in the top of Suceava restaurant preferences

When you visit a new city, you are interested in two things: the sights and restaurants that catch your eye. Mouths in the area say that Container Street Food is in the top of Suceava restaurant preferences. We don’t ask you to take their word for it, but we tell you why Container is preferred by so many people.

If you stopped in Suceava, you clearly came across Container Street Food. Why? Because this is where you can find them all. The good food is at home, skillfully and lovingly cooked, sprinkled with the classic Bucovina taste. Know that

Bucovina is loved not only for the traditions that seem to have found their home here, but also for the unique cuisine. In addition, Container Street Food Suceava comes with a lot of other benefits for you, the one who lives or is passing through our city. To convince you that we deserve to cross our threshold, here are some good reasons why we are in the top of preferences.

Why we are in the top of Suceava restaurant preferences

You have clarified, food is not for us to play with. We have prepared for you a balanced and varied menu, which contains both fast food, street food, as well as traditional and restaurant dishes. Here we have prepared dishes for any appetite. Whether you feel like a pizza, a burger or a salad, with the Container Street Food Suceava restaurant you will surely not fail.

Moreover, we use only fresh, natural ingredients, bought from local producers. We know as well as possible that the taste of a dish lies in the freshness and quality of the ingredients, and that is why for us the two are in the first place. The Container menu brings you both unique dishes and classic dishes at prices for all the greedy.

In addition, our chefs are true cousins ​​and do not save on taste. This is how each dish you will try here will have a unique, special taste. What’s more, we have some of the best burgers in Suceava. But, as I told you, you don’t have to take our word for it. We invite you to try … your taste buds.

restaurante Suceava 2
restaurante Suceava 2

Central location & cozy

It’s not just food that matters when you go to a bar. The atmosphere, the service, the music and the location are part of that perfect package you are looking for. To “jump in your eyes” we chose a central location, close to the soul of Suceava. A little “above” the Ștefan Cel Mare University of Suceava you can find us, the location Container Street Food Suceava.

Here we provide you with a cozy and welcoming space, so that you feel at home. The location has a light London-non-conformist air and gives you peace and good cheer. Here, we have room only for quality music, friendly smiles and benevolent looks.

Also here you will meet a friendly staff, ready to be close to what you need. We place great emphasis on your experience and ours, so we expect a pleasant meeting on musical notes.

As the pandemic context still gives us headaches, find out that we disinfect and sanitize daily, for a favorable environment from a sanitary point of view.

Close to you and through the home delivery service

If you want to enjoy the unique Container taste from the comfort of your home, you can do that at any time. You call us at the number displayed on the site, and we will come to you quickly with the order. We remind you that the home delivery service is free and prompt.

Thus, we come to you with the order as you would say “fish”. And without any joke. You don’t have to take what we say, but we invite you to test us. The Container Street Food application is also available for the home delivery service. The application can be found for free in both Google Play and the App Store.

There you will find our menu, happy hour discounts and our recommendations.

Come to our restaurant and convince yourself of what is said here. In the meantime, don’t forget to find us on facebook , and the blog is at your disposal with information about and about food.

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