Container Suceava: fast food, street food & restaurant

Container Suceava: fast food, street food & restaurant

Container Suceava: fast food, street food & restaurant

Container Suceava is the place where the love of beauty is felt in your stomach and you see it permanently around you. It is the place that started from a dream and that has become a superb achievement: a restaurant that combines the concepts of street food and fast food and that brings you the best burgers in Suceava.

Here you will find the elegance of a restaurant with live music notes, the fantastic taste of a la carte food and the dynamics of a place that offers you a varied and complete menu.

Here we suggest you eat properly. We offer you cooked food, made by the most skilled chefs we have found. Whether you are vegan or you want something fancy, at Container Suceava you can find the right recipe for your stomach. You have a varied menu that includes both cooked food and fast food and street food.

Fancy a burger made to order? Or would you eat a salad made from natural ingredients? Here you can find all the dishes you want.

And, for the job to be complete, we only use natural ingredients from local producers. Each dish on our menu contains fresh vegetables, dairy products from local producers and ingredients of the highest quality. This is why all our dishes taste incredible.

Container Suceava is more than a restaurant: it is the place where you can find the best food in Suceava.

Quality atmosphere at Container Suceava

We know that the meals of the day are special and that is why we build a whole atmosphere around them. We invite you to a restaurant where good taste and nonconformism dominate. At Container you will be surprised to find out that the decor is reminiscent of a “second home”, a safe space created especially for you.

Here, you are greeted by people who love what they do and who can’t wait to meet you. Smiles, warm colors, fragrant smells and a chill atmosphere: this is what the Container Street Food looks like.

t a chill and funny atmosphere, while you enjoy food and drink.

Container Suceava
Container Suceava

Miscellaneous menu at Container Street Food

We are a restaurant that aims to offer you all the dishes you could want, at the highest standards. Here you will find pizza, burgers, salads, desserts and specialties. As I wrote to you, all the ingredients used are fresh. Even the sauces are made by us, so everything you see at Container bears our signature.

Our chefs love challenges and always manage to pass them with flying colors. That’s how they are the ones who bring you the best food in town.

Container Suceava has prepared a relaxing environment for you

When you go to the restaurant, you want to get rid of your daily worries, to eat something good and if it is left with laughter, it’s even better. It would be great if all this happened in a cozy space that guarantees you a quality atmosphere and beautiful people.

Well, these are our premises. We have prepared a modern, non-conformist space and an outdoor terrace where you can feel comfortable and relaxed. Our restaurant values ​​your experience and that is why we have prepared a unique space in Suceava where you can relax.

Fast delivery

We know that you do not always have time to visit us, although you would like to eat in a relaxing environment. If your lunch break does not allow you, you can always order your favorite food at home or at the office. Container Suceava provides you with home delivery service.

It is free and guarantees the delivery of your food as soon as possible. You’re not even hungry, and we’re at your door. All you have to do is call us and tell us your choice.

We launched the Container Street Food Suceava application

For the days when you don’t have time to visit us and you want your favorite food to reach you quickly, we launched the Container Street Food Suceava application.

Our entire menu is just a button away. The app is free and can be found on Google Play and the App Store. In the meantime, you can find us at 0728 721 351.

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