Delicious burger meat too expensive to buy. It costs $2,000

Delicious burger meat too expensive to buy. It costs $2,000

Delicious burger meat too expensive to buy. It costs $2,000

If there are burgers that can reach more than 500 dollars, there are meats that cost much more than that.

And if you’re wondering how much a piece of meat can cost, know that there are portions that go up to $2,000.

It is about the most expensive meat in the world that is rumored to be delicious. At least that’s what the few people who have had the patience to buy and taste say so.

Because they are difficult to find or because the animals need preferential treatment, they are types of meat that cost more than burgers for a year at Container Street Food Suceava, if you ate them every day.

Below we leave a list of meats that are delicious (from what I’ve heard) and too expensive for ordinary people to buy.

Fugu meat, a dangerous pleasure

If fugu meat is prepared by a novice or an unskilled person, you may die of intoxication. Yes, this dangerous meat is also quite expensive.

It contains high concentrations of neurotoxins and every year about 40 people die from eating fugu fish. Not necessarily the fault of the meat, but the fault of the cooks who do not properly prepare the fish.

Those who prepare this meat must be extremely skilled, because they will have to remove certain toxic organs. If you are lucky, you can enjoy a good meal. A kilogram of fugu fish meat can cost around $135.

The most expensive sushi in the world

The most famous and prolific Japanese dish, sushi, also has a premium version: otoro sushi. The dish is made from tuna meat with a whole carcass. And, because a case is small, the price for a portion is steep. Especially since the serving is “matched” with edible gold, diamonds and pearls. If you can bear to eat such a dish, you have to take out of your pocket about 2,000 dollars.

Premium pork sought after by millionaires. It’s delicious in burgers

Maybe it’s a pattern, but millionaires only look for exclusive things. This is why Iberian ham, the most expensive ham, is fashionable among millionaires.

Maybe also because great burgers would come out with this meat.

It comes from the black Iberian pig, which leads a noble life. He grows free, eats only black acorn grains, and lives a fulfilling life. A kilogram of such ham also costs 300 dollars.

Japanese beef

Kobe is a type of meat as famous as Iberian ham. It is special because it comes from castrated bulls and the fat between the muscles has a unique taste. A kilogram of this preparation costs around 600 dollars.

Burgers at Container Suceava

take a look at the Container Street Food Suceava menu.

We have prepared a lot of dishes with and from meat, only good for the capricious autumn and the heavy winter that is coming. Enter here and discover the dishes:

Even if we don’t have kobe meat, we buy fresh and natural meat from local producers in Suceava. In this way, we ensure that the dishes retain a natural, intense and aromatic taste. Then, the meat in the burgers remains tender on the inside, crispy on the outside and juicy, thanks to the unique combination of ingredients and spices.

You can find the burger menu here:

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