Do you like Arabic cuisine? See what her secrets are

Do you like Arabic cuisine? See what her secrets are

Do you like Arabic cuisine? See what her secrets are

Arabic cuisine is a real delight for the taste buds. That is precisely why, at Container – Suceava burger restaurant – we have integrated specific dishes into the menu.

In Arab culture, food is an important cultural, religious and social factor. It’s not just food for the stomach, it’s a whole ritual that people participate in every day.

From Morocco to Baghdad, Arabic cuisine has left its mark. He managed to transform lifeless food into one of the most famous and beloved gastronomy in the world.

Like most culinary customs in the world, Arabic cuisine has many influences. It has both African, Mediterranean and Indian elements. European influences are there, but less visible.

Arab gastronomy was born in tents and developed surrounded by history. The Arabs gave meaning to food and it preserves the customs, secrets and life values ​​of the people.

For Arabs, serving a meal is a ritual

European nutritionists urge us to transform the serving of the meal into a conscious ritual. That’s because you’re eating anchored in the present, without being distracted, and your stomach gets full more easily.

For Arabs, eating is an important and busy moment of the day. Arabic tradition shows that one sits on cushions or benches and the food is eaten quietly. At the end, after you’ve eaten, you can have a tea or sit for a chat.

If you visit Arab places, you will see that people respect these traditions. What’s even nicer about Arabic cuisine is that it has a lot of super good ingredients used by Europeans.

What ingredients are in Arabic cuisine

Among the most traditional ingredients are couscous, wheat, rice, dates, eggplant, mint tea and olives.

Spices are the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about Arabic cuisine. Cloves, cinnamon, saffron, cumin, nutmeg or anise are often used.

As the trade is on the rise, a typical Arab mixture, called Baharat, has also resulted. It is an interesting combination of ingredients with a spicy taste. Sheep’s or goat’s milk and vegetables and fruits such as figs, mangoes, lemons or pomegranates are also frequently used. Lamb, veal, goat or camel meat is generally used, pork being prohibited.

Popular dishes in Arabic cuisine – burger restaurant Suceava

And to get to what interests us – food, one of the most famous Arabic dishes is falafel. It’s a dish for vegetarians, and if you’ve been to places like Dubai or Israel, you know that the locals make falafel de li-cios.

A combination called Koshari is popular in Egypt. It is made from lentils with pasta and spicy sauce. Specific to Lebanon is the chickpea hummus recipe with sesame seeds.

At Container Street Food Suceava, you can find falafel with potatoes and sauce on the menu, to satisfy your appetite for Arabic food.

Falafel is made from Lebanese meatballs with chickpeas. The menu includes potatoes and the house sauce (or your choice), so you can eat a full and filling lunch.

If you are vegan, you can find a whole menu for vegetarians on To get there more easily, go to the following link:

You can place the order on the website, simply and quickly, or come to the location to enjoy the food. Moreover, in Google Play and App Store you can find our free application. Look for Container Street Food Suceava, download the app and order your favorite food. Delivery is free, and our deliverymen arrive at your place in no time, with only good food to serve.

If you are a fan of good food, follow us on the Facebook page Container Street Food Suceava. You can find the most instagrammable and picture-worthy portions of food there.

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