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Where to find a balanced and tasty children’s menu

Of course, you have already caught where you can find such a children’s menu: at Container Street Food Suceava. You know that those french fries in an oil bath, along with white bread, processed meat and sour juice are not the best option for feeding your children. If you are looking for a tasty variant

Container, in the top of Suceava restaurant preferences

When you visit a new city, you are interested in two things: the sights and restaurants that catch your eye. Mouths in the area say that Container Street Food is in the top of Suceava restaurant preferences. We don’t ask you to take their word for it, but we tell you why Container is preferred

Crispy strips crunching the Container Street Food

Crispy strips menus are usually found in fast food menus or in the frozen food section of the store. They are often made from boned chicken breast, ribs or other parts of chicken. In most cases, these recipes are prepared with spices before being fried. While different parts of the chicken provide nutrients and can

coaste de porc

Pork ribs: the secrets of a successful recipe

Who doesn’t like a portion of pork ribs cooked to order? If you want to become a chef for an evening and you want to know the secrets of the ribs from Container Street Food Suceava, here you will find all the tips we use. We tell you the secret from the start: slow and

What people are looking for in a Suceava restaurant

People look for two aspects in a restaurant: food and experience. Restaurant Suceava Container Street Food is here to offer you both. When you enter a restaurant, you want to be greeted by polite and smiling people, in a welcoming and cozy space with pleasant ambient music in the background. This is the first impression.


Restaurant-like pasta tricks

Who doesn’t like Easter? If you want to cook them like a pro, here are the tips you need. A portion of pasta can be a simple and rustic choice or a very elegant one. Remember, plating is very important. What is very important is to have a very well prepared recipe and to remember


How to make grilled burgers like a pro

It’s still that time of year when the sun is in the sky, the weather is warm and you have countless reasons to start the country barbecue with some portions of burgers. Even if there are a lot of recipes that you can grill, there are few that surpass a burger in the backyard. Now,

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