Happy hour discounts at Container Street Food Suceava

Happy hour discounts at Container Street Food Suceava

Happy hour discounts at Container Street Food Suceava

Eating well is no longer a fad, it is a necessity and that is why Happy Hour from Container Street Food Suceava offers you the opportunity to choose varied and nutritious nutritious dishes.

In the century of speed, everything is done quickly ahead. If the recommendations of specialists say that it is important to give ourselves at least half an hour to eat and chew carefully, most people finish a burger in 15 minutes.

Recommendations should not be avoided, especially because digestion is much more difficult when you swallow food wrong. And yes, there is a wrong way to eat: fast, without chewing completely and standing or in an awkward position.

Food is, in fact, the relationship of the human body with nature. This relationship, like any other, needs attention.

But if the breaks from work are 40 minutes, and in 20 minutes the order from the restaurant arrives, then you certainly do not have the opportunity to eat “as written in the book”

In any case, the Container Street Food Suceava team respects your hunger. In addition to the menu we provide, you have the chance to quickly order, on delivery, the food you want.

Given the speed we talked about above and our delivery drivers do their best to reach you in the shortest time. Of course, in compliance with the road legislation in force. Our home delivery services in Suceava are prompt and free. All you have to do is tell us what you want, pay and enjoy the meal in your own comfort.

Container Street Food Suceava, restaurant with respect for customers

It’s not just a word: customers are our friends. We know, hunger is not to be played with, so it is at the heart of our business. We offer dishes that will delight your taste buds and bring you a rainbow on the palate. In short, our dishes are cooked naturally and are as tasty as possible.

We offer you a varied menu, with different recipes from each gastronomic level. Thus, with us you can find both natural and traditional dishes and dishes from the fast food category. Whether you are looking for a salad or a burger with potatoes, you will find everything you need in our menu.

We are a restaurant in Suceava that offers customers what they deserve: quality food. Thus, all the ingredients we use are fresh, natural and purchased from local producers.

We market whenever needed, and our dishes do not contain additives or flavor enhancers. We offer you food as it is: natural and tasty.

Our chefs put all the experience and love of beauty in each dish, so that they present you a dish that will turn your back on you.

In order to offer you the entire experience of a luxury restaurant, we provide you with an elegant and non-conformist space, good music and quality atmosphere.

Moreover, you can spend the warm days on the covered terrace, located in the center of the city’s action. You can spend valuable time with friends, enjoying unforgettable gastronomic experiences, accompanied by good music.

Happy Hour at Container Street Food Suceava

In order for your experience in our restaurant to be as pleasant as possible, we offer you some irrefutable offers within Happy Hour. If there are times when you would eat two servings instead of one, well, we have nice discounts that will convince you to do that.

Thus, you are left with some money in your pocket or you can opt for a juice or a coffee. You can find at a 20% discount, between 11: 30-14: 30, from Monday to Friday, several dishes signed by Container Street Food Suceava.

Here are the Happy Hour dishes from Container Suceava

Cheesecake with berries – for the days you want sweeter. It goes perfectly with a coffee at lunch and is just as friendly with a glass of wine in the evening.

Chicken burrito menu – with chicken, grilled vegetables, sauces, tortilla. The menu also comes with a portion of french fries and sauce.

Sweet chilli burger menu – for the days when you would like some fast food, but with not so many calories. And here you get potatoes and homemade sauce.

Tuna penne – if you need some healthy carbs to get you on your feet, this menu is for you.

Vegetarian wok – if you are not a meat fan, but you would like something as tasty as possible, the wok is for you.

You can order any of these dishes at a 20% discount within the aforementioned range by calling 0728 721 35. You can also order directly from site or from the Container application. The app can be found both in the App Store and on the Google Play .

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