Here you can find the best breakfast in Suceava

Here you can find the best breakfast in Suceava

Here you can find the best breakfast in Suceava

The best breakfast in Suceava is not far from you. It can be on a heated terrace with funky views and a view of the street or a phone distance away. In any case, the best breakfast in Suceava is at Container Street Food.

As always, we are keeping our eyes peeled for your opinion, so that the food that reaches your table satisfies your appetite 100%. Therefore, we listened to you and we know that you like a breakfast full of nutrients, which will saturate your stomach and give you energy for the whole day. You can find such a breakfast in Suceava at Container Street Food.

Everyone says that and everyone is right: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is the meal that must ensure your energy and nutrient intake. It is also the best start to a healthy diet.

If you still skip breakfast, there are a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t do that.

Here’s why you should NOT skip breakfast:

  1. The best breakfast in Suceava helps you lose weight. Yes, it’s real and we don’t do it. Specialist studies show that people who skip breakfast are 50% more likely to gain weight. Breakfast regulates your body, and following the main meals of the day will help you get rid of the habit of eating at night. Which, we know, makes you fat.
  2. A proper breakfast is the best start to a healthy diet.
  3. Breakfast reactivates your body. After good hours of restful sleep, your body needs a restart. And it’s not coffee that can give him that, it’s breakfast. It strengthens the body and starts the fat burning system.
  4. Also, if you choose the best breakfast in Suceava in the morning, you will not feel so hungry during the day. You will eat less at lunch and dinner. This way, you will be able to reach the weight you want or maintain the one you have.
  5. The best breakfast in Suceava improves your relationship with friends and family. It’s about the breakfast at the Container. And if you bring your friends or family with you, you will spend a good time together while you satisfy your insatiable appetites.

Since it’s been around the world, breakfast has worn a crown. And that’s because of the many benefits it has.


However, there was a time when breakfast was not so well seen, due to English influences and religious reasons.

“Breakfast”, meaning breaking the fast, meant the end of the overnight fasting period. The Christian religion considered breakfast a kind of sin of haste, being associated with culinary greed.

At that time, it was not the nobility who served breakfast at the right time. Not even children and the elderly. Those who could enjoy a good breakfast were the workers, because they needed it.

By making this association, the nobles did not eat breakfast because they were associated with the poor. However, the exceptions were the nobles who traveled very often or at regular intervals, because they needed a hearty breakfast to stay full of energy.

At the beginning of the 15th century, breakfast was accepted by everyone and now meat has begun to be introduced in the most important meal of the day.

In the 16th century, breakfast drinks also appeared in Europe: natural juice, tea or milk.

The 17th century breakfast for the “poor” was bread with butter, porridge or even beer with bread. Later, eggs appeared for breakfast and even the sandwich.

You can find the best breakfast in Suceava at Container

Of course, a long time has passed, and the recipes have constantly evolved. Now, in Romania, eggs are constantly present at breakfast.

Therefore, as we are a bit traditional and we promised you the best breakfast in Suceava, the omelet has a place of honor in our menu.

So for breakfast at Container Street Food Suceava, the best omelet in town is waiting for you, in several variants. Why eat omelette at the best breakfast in Suceava?

Because the omelet is rich in protein and nutrients needed by your body. Moreover, the omelet gives you the feeling of satiety and makes you eat a little less for the rest of the day.

The Container Street Food menu offers you the following assortment of omelets:

breakfast from Suceava
  • bacon omelet in tortilla. With eggs, bacon, salad, tomatoes and tortillas, this omelet makes you forget if you slept badly or woke up without energy. When you say breakfast, it puts you on your feet and gives you a feeling of satiety.
  • folded omelet. Ah, I seem to already see it: with enough cooked bacon, without much oil, with eggs and mozzarella sprinkled on top, with a salad mix and some avocado taste with toast, the folded omelet misses the stomach for good.
  • spicy eggs in the bun. If you want a natural start to the day, this is the best breakfast in Suceava for you.
  • poached eggs with asparagus and dutch sauce. What did we say about a healthy breakfast? Ah, this is the most appropriate.

Breakfast in Suceava without eggs

If eggs are not your favorite in terms of breakfast, then you can also choose a container sandwich. Prepared as a breakfast between two slices of bread, we do not exaggerate when we say that it will turn you on your back.

And then we have the Container breakfast. A fine explosion of tastes that leaves rainbows in the roof of your mouth and tickles your senses. With eggs, sausages, bacon, vegetables and toast, the Container breakfast is the perfect start to any day.

And since the best breakfast in Suceava would not be what it is without vegetables, each dish has at least half a green plate: whether it’s a salad or vegetables, we care about our health. So we encourage you to eat as many vegetables as possible.

The start of a new day can be difficult, but the best breakfast in Suceava certainly improves it.

And if you want more food from us, don’t forget the menu of the day that we still provide.

At only 20.99 lei, you eat enough to be full for a whole day. Don’t miss the lunch break by browsing the menu undecided. Choose the menu of the day and enjoy the best food from Suceava at home or at the office.

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