How much money would you give for Suceava burgers?

How much money would you give for Suceava burgers?

How much money would you give for Suceava burgers?

Look at the most expensive dishes of this kind in the world

In general, people have never shied away from spending a lot of money on food. However, how much would you be willing to pay for a Suceava burger menu?

If your price does not exceed 50 lei, find out that there are people in the world who eat a 5,000 dollar burger.

The absurd prices don’t stop there. Lovers of strange, out of the ordinary and absurdly expensive food made a sandwich for almost 200 euros.

Suceava burgers. What are the most expensive burgers in the world?

A New York restaurant has come up with a recipe for butter-infused white truffle burgers, rare cheddar cheese and fried quail eggs. No wonder this burger, which is served with caviar, sour cream and truffle sauce, costs almost $300.

The best part is that this burger comes with a gold toothpick that you can keep. It’s like making a good investment and not just in a delicious dish.

However, this restaurant did not become famous because of this burger, but because of another dish on the menu. A burger with caviar, truffles and sauce from a coffee that costs 1200 dollars per kilo. The burger is called the Extravagant Burger and has only been ordered by one person in 3 years. Still, at $666, it’s worth listing it on the menu.

The pinnacle of overpriced dishes is the $5,000 burger. It’s found in Las Vegas and is served with a $2,500 bottle of champagne. Basically half the original price.

Other dishes that amaze the pockets

America leads the list with the most expensive food. The most expensive dessert in the world is in New York and costs $25,000 in a city smaller than juice. It’s an ice cream that comes on a gold tray, with an 18-karat gold bracelet and, oh my, a gold spoon. All these accessories of the dessert can be taken home by the one who ordered.

Moose cheese is a dish that has an easily justified price. This cheese is made from a specially treated milk and is exclusive, at the price of 1000 euros per kilogram.

In Seattle, the most expensive hot dog costs only $170, which is also the most expensive in the world. The dish contains a special beef, black truffles, caviar and Japanese mayonnaise. It’s a delight for the taste buds, so say the foodies. What is interesting is that you have to order the preparation 2 weeks in advance.

Are you hungry for Suceava burgers? Come to Container Street Food Suceava

If you’re craving burgers or fast food, come to Container Street Food Suceava. Our team of chefs, one of the best in the region, prepares with passion the dishes that have consecrated us for many years in Suceava. We invite you to enter the website to discover our entire menu: from the Suceava burger menu, to salads, pasta, dessert and children’s menus. Our restaurant successfully combines gastronomic concepts such as street food and fast food, always managing to pleasantly surprise customers’ tastes.

You can find us in the center of Suceva, near the Ștefan Cel Mare University or at the phone number you can find on the website. The Container application, available for free in Google Play and the App Store, comes to your support, and you can quickly order your favorite food. Download the app on your mobile phone, place your order, and one of our couriers will arrive at your place in no time.

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