How to make grilled burgers like a pro

How to make grilled burgers like a pro

How to make grilled burgers like a pro

It’s still that time of year when the sun is in the sky, the weather is warm and you have countless reasons to start the country barbecue with some portions of burgers. Even if there are a lot of recipes that you can grill, there are few that surpass a burger in the backyard.

Now, you may be a master of grills making your own dishes from scratch, but if you are like most people, your grilling skills may be a little rusty after a long, cold winter and a sad, gray spring.

Although burgers seem to be easy to grill, there are some tips and tricks you can use to make sure you get a restaurant-like result. In this article you will find everything you need to know about how to cook grilled burgers.

Use cold meat for grilled burgers

While one of the best tips for grilling is to use meat at room temperature, the best way to cook a medium-sized burger is to use the meat directly from the refrigerator. Cooking from the cold, you give the burger a chance to form a wonderful crust, while the middle cooks medium, just right.

Mix in butter, not spices

Beef loaded with onions, herbs and even eggs can be quite common, but it’s important to remember that you make burgers. All you have to mix with the meat is butter. Why? Because butter added moisture and fat.

Some people behave as if the burger beef has personally attacked them and should be subdued and assaulted. But this is not the case. The less meat you eat, the better. Therefore, do not put too much meat on the grill if you are not a big fan of it.

Season the burgers after you form them

If you are going to season the meat, do so only after you have formed it. If you use spices before forming the meat paste, the muscle proteins will dissolve and the result will not be a burger. You will get at most a sausage taste.

Season the meat after you have shaped it with salt and pepper just before grilling it. One tip from professional chefs is to sprinkle the salt from a height of about 6 centimeters to get an even layer. Use a little more salt than you think is needed.

Use a clean burger grill

Make sure your grill is clean before you start cooking; doing otherwise is one of the biggest mistakes at the beginning of the barbecue. If the bars are clogged with remnants of crust from last year’s grill, it prevents heat transfer between the flame and the food. For cleaning you can use half an onion on a meat fork.

Moreover, it is important to have the right temperature on the grill. If it is too hot, the burgers will burn on the outside and remain raw on the inside. If it’s too cold, the burgers will stick to the grill, dry out and have an unpleasant gray color. The best approach is to have a hot area (with more coals) and a colder area (with less coals) for more indirect heat. For starters, put the burger in the hot area to get a perfect crust and then move it to the colder area if it gets too much color too quickly.

Don’t rush to spin burgers

When you make a barbecue, you always feel the need to do something, to turn the meat a little. But in the case of burgers, you don’t have to do that.

After you put the burgers on the grill, close the lid and let them cook before turning them over. When should you return the meat? Halfway through the cooking process or after about four or five minutes.

Put the cheese in at the last minute

When should you put cheese on a burger? At the last minute … literally. Cooking a burger is easy – it’s about four or five minutes on each side. So, after eight or nine minutes of cooking, put the cheese on the pan.

It’s not as hard to make a burger as a book, if you know a few tricks used by skilled chefs. The same tricks are used at Container Street Food in Suceava, where burgers receive special attention. That’s because we really like to cook exceptional dishes to taste.

If you miss a burger made to order, but you do not have time to organize a barbecue with friends, we invite you to our restaurant in Suceava.

We have prepared a varied menu of burgers, so that every craving is satisfied. You can find our menu on the site , and other details about promotions and specialties are also posted on our facebook .

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