Hydrating foods that you won’t miss in the hot seasons. Container Restaurant

Hydrating foods that you won’t miss in the hot seasons. Container Restaurant

Hydrating foods that you won’t miss in the hot seasons. Container Restaurant

If you are stuck for ideas, Container restaurant has prepared a list of hydrating foods with a high water content that should not be missing from your diet.

Even though it is the end of calendar summer, meteorologists are only now announcing high temperatures. So we go with the weather and adapt our diet to the heat. Plus we can’t really eat heavy meat dishes in large quantities these days.

If you want to eat something that fills you up and hydrates you at the same time, here are some good vegetables and fruits, as well as dishes that you can find on the menu at the Suceava Container restaurant.

Why it’s important to hydrate

“2 liters of water a day” is not just an ad to fill the TV space. Proper hydration is important for health, because it’s the only way your body works properly. Once you’re more hydrated, you feel better and more rested. Signs of dehydration include fatigue, headaches, tension and rapid heartbeat. No good.

Staying dehydrated for a long time is even worse. You can have organ failure, and studies show that people can go without food for up to 46 days if they hydrate properly.

Hydration is not only done with water, but also with food (but never with acidic juices).

Moisturizing foods

Lettuce. It is 96% water, but also has a lot of super beneficial properties for your health. It contains folic acid, vitamins A and K and very few calories. That’s why we go for salad when we want to get rid of extra pounds.

Cucumbers. With 95% water, the cucumber is basically water. It also has some nutrients, like potassium and magnesium, but that’s not what makes it famous. Cucumber is one of the lowest calorie foods. Half a cup of cucumbers has only 8 calories, so you can easily eat them, regardless of your diet.

Zucchini has 94% water and is part of the fleet of hydrating foods. The good thing is that zucchini also has fiber, so it keeps you full for a good amount of time.

If you want something sweet, but you wouldn’t opt ​​for a cake, choose a slice of watermelon. It has over 92% water and is rich in fiber, magnesium and antioxidants. It has few calories, so you can consume it with confidence when you need to lose weight.

Foods with more than 90% water include bell peppers, cabbage, strawberries, skimmed milk or cantaloupe. Whatever you make of these foods is good for your health.

Hydrating foods at the Container restaurant

Here at Container, cold foods, salads or dishes with lots of vegetables are in vogue in the summer. Of course, the classic burgers are always at the top and, even if you wouldn’t expect it, they are actually healthy. Burgers have a lot of vegetables and are not a health hazard.

On our blog we wrote an article about why burgers are considered healthy. Take a look to see for yourself.

In the meantime, in order to properly hydrate yourself, in the Suceava Container menu you can find dishes such as salads, wraps or burritos. With a high vegetable content, these dishes can easily become your favorite lunch or dinner.

For these dishes we use only local, natural and fresh ingredients. That way, you get an authentic taste, without additives, without flavor enhancers. Moreover, even the meat we use in our dishes is from local producers. That’s why Container’s dishes have a unique, intense and very good taste. Because we don’t compromise on quality and because we offer you first-class ingredients.

To convince yourself, discover the entire menu on our website. Or even simpler: download the free Container Street Food Suceava app, choose your favorite food from the menu and quickly place your order. You can track it in good time, and our couriers will reach you in summer.

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