Meniu de post –  cât de sănătoasă este mâncarea de post

Meniu de post –  cât de sănătoasă este mâncarea de post

Meniu de post –  cât de sănătoasă este mâncarea de post

Are you looking for a fast food menu in Suceava? Because we want you to eat as healthy and “informed” as possible, in this article you will find information about how healthy fasting food is.

As it is the Christmas fast, you can take advantage of this period to do a physical detox, along with the spiritual one.

But the most important aspect is to make wise choices about the meals you choose to eat.

There are plenty of foods that can successfully replace meat and dairy, so you’re not short of options.

At Container Street Food Suceava, a fasting menu can convince you to go vegan, that’s how good it is.

But if you want to prepare fasting foods at home, you must consider that it is important to consume several groups of nutrients. So that the food is good for your health, here’s what to keep in mind.

Establish a fasting menu with sources of protein

Because you give up animal products, you need to find sources of vegetable proteins. Add as many legumes as possible to the menu. Here we count peas, chickpeas, lentils or soybeans.

In terms of fruit, don’t forget nuts, hazelnuts or cashews and seeds, but eat small doses. As you know, peanuts are quite caloric.

For even more hearty meals, choose rice or whole grains. They have a high protein and fiber intake, being indicated for a normal functioning of the digestive system.

Because you want to replace animal protein, you need a slightly larger amount of vegetable protein. To have rich and healthy meals, combine as many proteins as possible.

Fasting menu – how to introduce fruits and vegetables

Because you cannot have healthy meals without fruits and vegetables, it is necessary to include them in the fasting menu.

Fruits have a serious supply of vitamins, minerals and fiber and you can eat them in a lot of ways: either baked, baked or raw.

In addition, they help you lose weight, because many have a lower caloric intake.

You can put fruit in whole grains, oats or rice. TIPS: Rice goes perfectly with apples in the oven!

Avoid flour

Blame it on the bread. Although it is advisable to eat 1-2 slices of bread a day, it is not good to indulge in floury food. Avoid eating a lot of bread, a lot of pasta or a lot of potatoes. They are caloric foods and can bring you unwanted extra pounds. It is not necessary to eliminate them, but to eat them in moderation.

Balance in the Christmas fast

Yes, it is fasting, but it is not torment and mourning. You can eat a lot of super delicious dishes, whether you choose to come to Container Street Food Suceava or eat at home.

To make a fasting menu as suitable as possible for your health, choose to be balanced. Eat a little of everything and don’t overdo it. Follow the rule of 3 meals a day and 2 snacks.

In addition, drink as much water as you need, without skipping this step.

And, if you want to eat good food during fasting, we invite you to Container Street Food Suceava. We have prepared a varied, tasty menu for you, carefully prepared by our chefs. In addition, if you want to order, one of our colleagues quickly comes to you with the food.

To better understand what is so special about the post menu at Container, I wrote an article that you can find here: I-prepared-for-the-Christmas-fast/

We invite you to download the Container application, which can be found in the App Store and Google Play, if you want to order more easily and efficiently. It’s free and super helpful when you’re in a hurry to grab a menu.

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