Mic dejun personalizat în Suceava

Mic dejun personalizat în Suceava

Mic dejun personalizat în Suceava

It is said by the people that the rules were made to be broken. So why would you follow a rule when it comes to breakfast in Suceava?

The classic breakfast dishes need a little color and taste that only you can offer. So why settle for a classic or American omelet when you can make your own omelet? As we know that your choices are the ones that thank you deeply, we leave it to you to prepare your omelet.

Before going to the office, grabbing your daily To Do and letting the stress make you hungry, we offer you a personalized omelet.

Personalized breakfast at Container Street Food Suceava

In Suceava, we respect your hunger. You don’t go hungry, because she turns out to be more stubborn than Jon Snow in terms of the throne. So all you can do is let her shake her head and then give you satisfaction.

We offer you a classic omelet, made of 3 fresh, natural eggs and toasted bread, along with what else you want.

  • bacon, 30 gr, 3 lei;
  • ham, 30 gr, 3 lei;
  • mozzarella, 30 gr, 3 lei;
  • tomatoes, 50 gr, 2 lei;
  • mushrooms, 30 gr, 2 lei;
  • peppers, 30 gr, 2 lei;
  • olives, 30 gr, 2 lei.
  • tuna and corn, 80/30 gr, 8 lei.

The combinations seem endless, right? Now you can give your omelet what you want. It can be veggie, healthy, fatty, nutritious or full. The choice is yours.

What else can you find in the Container menu for breakfast

If you are tired of the omelet and you want diversity and adrenaline at the table, not only in life, our chefs have prepared various dishes for breakfast. Before you spread your problem on the table, here are some facts you should know.

Container Street Food Suceava uses ONLY quality ingredients. We do not compromise in any way on quality and we prepare food only from fresh and natural ingredients, freshly bought from the market.

We don’t use additives or vegeta, so that good taste comes from Mother Nature. For the mornings to start in full, we prepared the Container + coffee breakfast. You have 2 eggs, 90 g sausages, 30 g bacon, 50 g tomatoes, 30 g cucumbers, 30 g olives, 60 g toast.

It’s the kind of breakfast that gives you all the nutrients you need plus the energy from coffee. You can have this breakfast for only 25 lei.

For gourmets and appetizers, we prepared an omelet with bacon in tortilla plus coffee. With this menu, you clearly go to work more determined. Although it is richer in calories, all the ingredients are natural and only bring you a rich nutritional intake. This dish contains: 2 eggs, 50 g bacon, 30 g salad mix, 30 g tomatoes, 90 g tortilla and costs 20 lei.

I also prepared a folded omelet for the days when you miss the taste of home. Here we have prepared a greener plate for you, in case you want to stick to your diet. The folded omelet contains 2 eggs, 50 g bacon, 30 g salad mix, 30 g tomatoes, 90 g tortilla and costs 20 lei. Coffee is included in the price.

Also in the breakfast menu you can find spicy eggs in a bun. The dish contains 2 eggs, ciabatta 130 g, bacon 30g, mozzarella 30g, salad 30g and costs 20 lei. Last but not least, you can opt for poached eggs with asparagus and Dutch sauce. The dish contains 2 eggs, asparagus 100g, toast 60 g, salad mix 30g, Dutch sauce 30g, costs 20 lei, and the coffee is from the house.

Breakfast is available on the site and you can order it using the number 0728 721 351. Also in the Container app, which you can find for free in Google Play and the App Store, you can find all the Container Street Food Suceava brand dishes.

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