Restaurant-like pasta tricks

Restaurant-like pasta tricks

Restaurant-like pasta tricks

Who doesn’t like Easter? If you want to cook them like a pro, here are the tips you need. A portion of pasta can be a simple and rustic choice or a very elegant one. Remember, plating is very important. What is very important is to have a very well prepared recipe and to remember the following essential things.

How to properly prepare a portion of pasta

DO NOT put oil in water or pasta. Adding oil to water or cooked pasta to keep it from sticking will cause the sauce to slip off them. You will also end up with fatty pasta, which you don’t want.

Bring enough water to a boil. Use enough cold, fresh water so that once the pasta starts to boil and spread, there will still be enough room for them to “move” freely. The general rule is at least three liters of water for every 250 g of pasta.

Don’t be shy to put a lot of salt in pasta

The salt you put in the water is your only correct way to season the pasta. The water must have the “taste of the sea” to give flavor to the pasta. Three liters of water require at least 1 tablespoon of salt.

It is also important that pasta is added to boiling water and not before. Starch absorbs water instantly and the water temperature needs to be extremely hot to start cooking properly. Pasta that is added to water too early will look soaked and will be improperly cooked.

Mix the pasta in the water

We know, some mouths say it’s not good to mix pasta once you’ve put it in water. But, if you followed the above steps, there is no problem, it is even indicated. This prevents the pasta from sticking together or on the bottom or sides of the pot. Stir occasionally during the cooking process.

Read the label

There are a lot of methods to test if pasta is cooked properly, but the best starting point is to read the product label. Each type of pasta has an adequate cooking time and is specified on the package.

Long, thin pasta tends to cook very quickly, while smaller, denser pasta needs more cooking time. Sure, test the pasta two minutes before time runs out to make sure it’s good.

Last but not least, before draining the pasta water, keep a cup for the sauce you are going to make. After draining the pasta, it is important to cook them on the spot. The starch hardens as the temperature drops and the pasta will stick.

Add pasta to sauce – not the other way around

Always prepare the sauce before cooking the pasta. Prepare it in a large enough bowl so that the pasta fits in as soon as they have drained. And put the water you kept from the pasta over the sauce. It provides richness and flavor, and starch is a perfect ingredient for a successful sauce.

What is very important to remember when cooking pasta is that the actual boiling should be the last step in the cooking process. First, make the sauce.

Easter as a book, at Container Street Food Suceava

At Container Suceava we know that a portion of pasta is easy to cook. But we need to follow all these essential steps for a successful recipe. Moreover, each dish has its own little secrets that make it unique and give it an unmistakable taste.

Our chefs do not play with the tables, but take each dish seriously, so that the taste you feel is the right one. If you don’t have time to prepare a portion of pasta as per the book, come to Container Suceava .

We have for you a varied menu of dishes, so that any appetite can be satisfied. You can find us in Suceava, on 44 Oituz Street or at 0728 721 351. Our website is at your disposal for any order you want to do it.

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