Restaurant Suceava – 5 recipe ideas for guests

Restaurant Suceava – 5 recipe ideas for guests

Restaurant Suceava – 5 recipe ideas for guests

So that you don’t run out of ideas when you have guests, Container Street Food – Suceava Restaurant – has prepared 5 recipe ideas for guests.

They’re quick and easy if you want to impress your friends with your culinary talent.

Plus, they’re really delicious, so you won’t be disappointed. However, if you want to play it safe, check out our website menu. You’re sure to find something suitable for an evening with your loved ones.

What do you do for food when friends come to visit?

You have two options: decide together what to eat or surprise them yourself. If the second option is valid in your case, then you are in the right place.


Trust us, you can never go wrong with burgers. When you want something super good, which is also filling and has an explosion of flavors… you obviously think of burgers. With tender and juicy meat, warm, soft and fluffy buns, burgers are the stars of the parties. Even if you have vegan or vegetarian friends, at Container Street Food Suceava you can find burgers for everyone. If you want to order for an evening with friends – we are at your disposal. One of our colleagues comes to you with the hot burgers, ready to serve.

You can find the burger menu here:

And if you want to make them yourself, go to our blog. We have prepared many burger recipes for you.


Something simple, super good and can be eaten even from the couch while watching your favorite movie on Netflix. Tortilla is our choice in evenings with friends.

You just need a few sticks, a bunch of good fresh vegetables, meat and the best sauces you can find. If you have them baked, even better.

If you want to play it safe and order tortillas, you can find the whole menu here:

Hot dog

Along with something refreshing, cold beer or juice, a portion of hot dog is the food you were looking for for you and your friends. It’s super easy to make and it’s definitely one of the most loved dishes.

In addition, if you don’t feel like cooking, you can also find hot dogs at Container Street Food Suceava:


You must have come across this dish at least once when you were visiting. Their bruschettes are simple to make, tasty and filling. Even if they seem too small to keep from hunger, you can always make more.

There are a lot of recipes on the internet that you can choose from. Or you can prepare them classically, with tomatoes, with avocado and whatever else comes to mind. With wine and a cheese platter, you are guaranteed to turn the evening into a sensation.

Restaurant Suceava – Skewers or other meat dishes

When friends come to visit everything should be simple and as tasty as possible. If you choose some skewers and cheeses you will surely make a splash.

You can find a lot of ways to cook and match them, so you’re sure not to run out of ideas.

Container Street Food – Restaurant Suceava

If you don’t feel like searching and want something good for you and your friends, go to our website and see the menu. We have prepared a lot of dishes that are only good for meetings with yours. From Tortillas, to hot dogs, burgers and quesadillas, at Container Street Food Suceava you will find a varied menu, which integrates all kinds of dishes already confirmed by the Suceava public.

In addition, on the blog Container – Restaurant Suceava – you can find more recipes and recipe ideas to use.

To order your favorite food as quickly as possible, download the Container Street Food Suceava app. The app is free on Google Play and the App Store.

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