Signature Container in the best burgers in Suceava

Signature Container in the best burgers in Suceava

Signature Container in the best burgers in Suceava

Container Street Food doesn’t stop at burgers, that’s for sure. The best burgers in Suceava are with us and we have some very good reasons why we make this statement.

As you know, we do our best to keep the food on your table in the best shape. You know, with taste, with appearance, with different flavors and with an enormous impact on your appetite.

We like to think this is the signature Container in our menu. The love of good taste, originality and perfection is perfectly reflected in every dish we offer you.

Container Street Food Suceava stands out through its varied menu, quality atmosphere and prompt delivery services that you can find. Here you have a friendly staff, always ready to listen to your needs and greet you with a smile and a kind word. The decor and quality music (live when possible) complete the picture of a restaurant that successfully combines street & fast food.

We offer a varied menu that includes cooked food, salads, desserts, vegetarian food, meat dishes, pasta and burgers and burger menus. This time, we tell you about the Container burgers and what makes them so special.

Why opt for Container burgers

As I told you above, there are some very good reasons to choose our burgers.

Fresh ingredient & amp; natural . What makes a good burger is not necessarily the combination of ingredients, but their quality. There are some classic burger recipes, but you know that everywhere you go burgers taste different. That’s because the ingredients are of a different quality. Often, the quality is not the best.

At Container Street Food Suceava we use only fresh and natural ingredients. We do the market every day and buy vegetables, fruits and dairy products from local producers. We make sure that they are of quality and that they have an impeccable production process and that’s how we end up giving the burger the right taste.

Even with a salad, when the tomatoes are natural, country, the taste is different. That’s why our fresh, natural ingredients are the basis of our burger recipes.

Skilled cooks

Ingredients are not the only things that make a difference to a burger. The process of cooking meat, how long you let the bread bake and whether you choose to put cheese over tomatoes or meat are just some of the tricks that change the taste of a burger. That is why the training and experience of a chef is of major importance. Our chefs not only have a long experience in the kitchen, but they are constantly developing looking for new recipes and new ways to surprise you.

Unique recipes . Burger with beef, cheese and vegetables. The classic recipe you can find everywhere. But if you are looking for a fresh recipe that will surprise you to the last word, Container Suceava is the answer. Our burger menu contains unique recipes, designed by our chefs and that constantly surprise you. It is not for nothing that we tell you that here you will find diversity and uniqueness in burgers.

Let’s not forget plating . If the saying goes that appetite comes from eating, we say that appetite comes when you see the dish on the plate. All our burgers can be Instagram stars at any time. They are eye-catching, beautifully browned and you instantly get hungry when you see them. If you haven’t tried them yet, come to us to find out what we’re talking about.

7 star service . We are not a hotel, but we certainly offer you an impeccable service. Of course, not only the burger matters, but also where and how you eat it and the people next to you. That’s why we value every detail in our restaurant.

burgers 3
burgers 3

You can find those good burgers at the Container

Our team is ready to turn your back on you. With quality burgers, unique recipes, fast delivery and a cozy atmosphere, Container brings you the signature of the world’s great restaurants.

And, because we know that a gourmet hides in anyone we have prepared irrefutable discounts for happy hour. On our facebook page you can find all the details you need.

Moreover, for the days when you don’t know what you would like to eat, we have prepared complex menus for you, designed for big appetites. Enter our website, discover the menu and make all your cravings.

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