Specialty coffee: more than a morning treat at Container Suceava

Specialty coffee: more than a morning treat at Container Suceava

Specialty coffee: more than a morning treat at Container Suceava

Is morning. The day only begins when you feel the aroma of freshly ground coffee. It’s not just a drink, it’s a ritual, an experience that transcends the ordinary. Speaking of specialty coffee, we enter a world where each bean tells its own story, where taste is not just taste, but a journey of the senses.

What is specialty coffee?

Not every coffee can be crowned “specialty”. This is aristocracy in the kingdom of coffee, where quality and uniqueness are queens. It starts with the highest quality beans, often handpicked and processed with a care that rivals that of a jeweler. These beans are evaluated and scored by experts, and those that reach or exceed 80 points out of 100 enter the elite category.

Assortments: A surprising diversity

The diversity of specialty coffee is like a palette of colors in the hands of an artist. Each origin, each farm brings distinct nuances.

  • Ethiopia, the cradle of coffee, offers beans with floral and citrus notes.
  • Colombia, with its high farms, brings sweetness and complexity.
  • Brazil, the largest producer, is famous for its notes of nuts and chocolate.

And the list goes on, with each country bringing something unique to the cup.

Processing: how to make a specialty coffee

Processing is the art that transforms a raw, green bean into a treasure full of flavors. There are different methods – dry, washed, honey – each influencing the taste profile of the coffee. The dry process, traditional in Ethiopia, gives intense fruity notes. The washed method, popular in Latin America, brings clarity and purity to the taste.

Roasting is the magic moment, where the flavor potential is released. A skilled roaster knows how to balance temperature and time to bring out the unique characteristics of each batch. A lighter roast will accentuate the natural acidity and fruity notes, while a more intense roast will emphasize the coffee’s sweetness and body.

Brewing coffee like a master

The grinding must be fresh, and the granulation adapted to the preparation method. Whether it’s espresso, pour-over, French press or another method, each one has its own characteristics that influence the final taste.

Specialty coffee – an experience

Drinking a specialty coffee is not just ingesting a drink. It’s an enriching experience, a moment of pause and appreciation. It’s about savoring every sip, identifying the subtle notes and connecting to the story behind each cup.

Choosing specialty coffee is a personal journey, influenced by everyone’s tastes and preferences. Some may prefer vibrant acidity, others may fall in love with rich, sweet notes. Experimentation is the key. Try different origins, different preparation methods and discover what resonates with you.

Specialty coffee is a way to connect with different cultures and stories through something as simple yet as complex as a cup of coffee.

If the story of specialty coffee fascinated you, we invite you to Container Street Food Suceava. Here, together with friends, you will be able to explore this magnificent world, taste different varieties and enjoy an authentic experience.

Coffee is an invitation to explore, experiment and enjoy. At Container Street Food Suceava, this invitation is always open. Come enjoy a specialty coffee, meet people with similar passions and create memories with friends.

Here, every cup of coffee is not just a treat, it’s an unforgettable experience. We look forward to discovering the magic of specialty coffee together!

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