The best burgers in Suceava, closer to you

The best burgers in Suceava, closer to you

The best burgers in Suceava, closer to you

The best burgers in Suceava are within walking distance of you. Or better yet, a green button away. What is really important is that the best burgers in Suceava are really the best.

And, as always, you and your opinion are living proof of that. At Container Street Food we do everything we can to satisfy your appetite to the fullest. So our menu brings you a variety of delicious burgers, cooked to order.

We are committed to making the best burgers in Suceava and if you are looking for them, from now on you can find them at Container Street Food Suceava. That’s because, in time, we managed to discover the recipe for miracle burgers: the ones that bring you a rainbow in the roof of your mouth, a full stomach and a smile of satisfaction at the end.

Do you want everything or nothing? We have the best burgers in Suceava for you

The “all or nothing” burger is the kind of burger you want if you have a huge hunger, combined with a good appetite and an appetite that is hard to control. So if you are looking for a burger in Suceava, “all or nothing” is the right thing to do.

I have constantly perfected it, and the current form cannot be surpassed. With iceberg lettuce, the sauce we cooked from fresh ingredients, that sweet mustard you would like at home and a tender and tasty burger bun, the burger all or nothing sure to turn your back on.

It weighs 550 grams, suitable for large and small appetizers. I put meat cooked in the necessary times and if you combine it with a cola and a few onion rings, you will not find a better burger in Suceava.

-Waiter? I want a good burger.

If you don’t know exactly what kind of burger you want, go for the safe with the Container burger. He’s the best Container Street Food. The best burger in Suceava is not just one.

It’s the whole burger menu you can find at Container Street Food Suceava. And, to please you, this burger has pickles, iceberg lettuce, homemade sauce and curry, along with that tender bun.

With fresh meat, juice and some potatoes, this burger satisfies your appetite and stomach for the whole day. You can find it at a weight of 360g. Only good enough to get fed up or choose another burger if you say you can’t decide which one to choose.

Even kings have their burger

Yes, we also have Kings Burger, for appetites that wear the emperor’s clothes. If we choose another burger for the title of the best burger in Suceava, this is: kings burger.

burgers in Suceava

It weighs 350g, but you feel like you’re eating somewhere at 700 grams. That’s because it tastes very good, given the tender meat and the combination of ingredients. Kings burger is classified as the best burger in Suceava precisely because it is not easily dethroned. The fresh ingredients, the unexpected mix and the ingenious preparation are what make you want another one.

Kings Burger has juicy beef, wrapped on both sides with fried bacon and cheese. The Container Street Food team put some more vegetables in them and dressed them in barbeque and curry sauce. Of course, the fluffy bun doesn’t stick. If you want to have a hearty meal and the best burger in Suceava, at the same time, this burger is for you.

Sweet, sweet food

Our everyday food is vital to general well-being, isn’t it? In short, make your stomach happy so that you are happy too.

So we prepared the best burger in Suceava full of happiness and good tastes: Sweet Chilli Burger. This burger comes with beef, cheddar, bacon, caramelized onions, fresh vegetables, homemade sauce and sweet chilli.

Next to it, you have a generous portion of potatoes and homemade sauce. After so many stories about the best burgers in Suceava, you must have had a craving. Therefore, we tell you where to find us: 0728721351.

Of course, the army of the best burgers in Suceava does not end here. Our menu, which you can find on, shows you each soldier.

We have also prepared a burger menu for you, where you can get some fragile potatoes inside and crispy on the outside. You match them with a sour juice or a beer and the smile at the end is inevitable.

For cheese lovers, we prepared the best burger in Suceava with cheese, alone or on the menu. If you know you have a hard-to-maintain stomach, the menu is for you.

The Container Street Food team is here to fulfill a small but important wish: good food. Our menu offers a variety of dishes and drinks.

For working days, for tiring days on Mondays or relaxing days on Saturday evenings, in our menu you can surely find something to your liking.

And if you still have the thought of the best burger in Suceava, here you can find the menu everywhere:

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