The best discounts at Happy Hour Suceava

The best discounts at Happy Hour Suceava

The best discounts at Happy Hour Suceava

Happy Hour Suceava at Container Street Food Suceava is made to turn you on, it’s clear. Everyone wants to eat tasty and prepared food exactly to their personal appetite. If it has an affordable and good price for any pocket, it’s perfect.

The pandemic has not been gentle with any sector. You know that horeca and restaurants have suffered the most. This means that the raw material costs more and that most of the dishes in the restaurants are more expensive. This is not what happens at Container Street Food Suceava. Even if we have kept the quality of the ingredients at the highest level, we offer you the opportunity to get good food from the Container at a great price.

We respect your hunger, and even though the pandemic quickly hit us, we owe it to the best burgers, the freshest salads, and the most amazing food combinations. Happy Hour Suceava is our way to invite you to dinner and to show you how good our dishes are. We were initially committed to using only natural, fresh ingredients, and we live up to our promise.

All products of animal origin are purchased, as far as possible, from local producers. We do the market every day and make sure that the vegetables do not roam in the fridge for more than 1 day. This has a huge impact on the taste and texture of our dishes.

Happy Hour Suceava, a long distance call

The food from Container Street Food Suceava reaches you super fast, through the home delivery service.

Our entire menu is available online and on profile applications. You can choose the dishes that catch your eye from there, and our suppliers will reach you as soon as possible.

Moreover, in order to have easy access to our menu, we also created the Container application. The app is free and can be found in both Google Play and the App Store. There you will find all our dishes, Happy Hour discounts and gourmet promotions that we offer you periodically.

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happy hour suceava
happy hour suceava

That chill atmosphere invites you to dinner

We know that you value good taste and enjoy eating in peace and quiet while enjoying some good food. This kind of atmosphere awaits you at Container Street Food Suceava.

We are in the center of Suceava and we offer you what you deserve: a chill atmosphere, super good food and a cozy space. In addition, at Container you will find a varied menu and recipes to thank every good lover. The menu includes fast food, traditional and vegan dishes, burgers and burger menus, salads and dessert.

Our chefs are among the best and put all your love of gastronomy in Container dishes. In order to have a complete experience, in addition to the 7-star food, we also offer you a tastefully decorated, warm and welcoming space. Here we give parties, organize shows and stand up events and also here we meet friends according to the office schedule.

What awaits you at Happy Hour Suceava

Happy Hour means a 20% discount, applied between 11:30 and 14:30, from Monday to Friday for certain dishes signed by Container Street Food Suceava. Here are the dishes that go into Happy Hour:

  • berry cheesecake;
  • chicken burrito menu;
  • sweet chili burger menu;
  • penne with tone;
  • wok vegetarian.

You can order any dish at home, through the free home delivery service, or you can come to the restaurant. Download the Container Street Food Suceava app to find out about food discounts in advance. Don't forget to check out our blog, where you can get recipe ideas, gastronomic tips and food curiosities.

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