The best dishes from American cuisine – Burgeri Suceava

The best dishes from American cuisine – Burgeri Suceava

The best dishes from American cuisine – Burgeri Suceava

Who hasn’t heard of the American cuisine, the classic Suceava burgers or the mix of street food and fast food? If we were to color the cuisines of the world, American cuisine would be a rainbow. And that’s because she’s so popular that she seems to be getting richer by the day.

American cuisine has particularly many influences, but it stands out for fast or junk food. However, these dishes have a super long tradition.

As in any culture of the world, gastronomy is particularly important for Americans. To enjoy a classic American taste, we have prepared several dishes for you to try in the Container Street Food Suceava menu. First of all, look at the most famous American dishes.

Classic American food, burgers. Suceava burgers

You certainly expected that. The most representative American dish is the burger. You can find burgers in any type of restaurant in America, whether we’re talking about a deli or a fancy restaurant.

The history of the preparation is divided. It is said that the hamburger originates from a German city named Hamburg and that it was first invented there. However, Americans claim that the dish first appeared in 1900, in New Haven. Be that as it may, today the burger is the unofficial national food of Americans.

The juicy burgers contain ground beef, but many recipes in Europe also include pork or chicken.

The juicy meat is placed between two pieces of bun. It is seasoned with vegetables, potatoes and different sauces, and that’s how we get the burger that we can’t resist.

If you are a fan of Suceava burgers, here is the link to order quickly from the website:

burgeri Suceava 1
burgeri Suceava 1

Mac and cheese

History says that 80% of American movies have a reference to this dish. It is the most accessible dish among Americans, the macaroni and cheese recipe is eaten for lunch or dinner. Even if the origin of this dish is also unclear, Americans have made macaroni their own.

We don’t have classic American macaroni, but the pasta from Container Street Food Suceava is absolutely delicious. If we made you hungry, here is the link to the menu:

Aripioare Buffalo

This preparation is another American classic, consumed en masse by the people. They are chicken wings cooked in a specific way and served with blue cheese sauce or a special sauce. If you had the opportunity to go to America, you probably already noticed that American dishes are special and do not fit into any specific cuisine.

Grilled food

Americans love to grill, maybe more than Romanians. For them it is the perfect opportunity to gather with friends on a weekend day. That’s why grill food is among the stars of American cuisine.

America was always in the spotlight, so their cuisine had to be special. There are many dishes specific to them that have reached worldwide popularity, and the burger is one of these dishes.

Suceava burgers at Container Street Food

If you’re craving a good, classic burger cooked to order, come to Container Street Food Suceava. We have prepared a complete burger menu and burger menu for you, which you can find on the website.

Moreover, to make it easier to order your favorite food, we launched the Container Street Food Suceava app. It is free and can be found in both Google Play and the App Store. Leave your order on the website, in the application or at the displayed phone number, and our delivery team will come to you in the shortest possible time.

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