The new burger menu from Container Street Food Suceava

The new burger menu from Container Street Food Suceava

The new burger menu from Container Street Food Suceava

If we have to admit any guilt, that’s it: we like burgers, so we prepared a brand new burger menu at Container Street Food Suceava. It’s new, it’s mega good and can’t wait for your approval.

You know what it’s like, you don’t mess with food. We don’t deal with it either, we often give in to temptation. And how can you not give up when you know how good the burgers at Container are? Especially now, when I added extra flavor and extra explosion of flavors. The new Container Street Food Suceava menu is a hit and is waiting for you to try it. The classic, sweet, sweet-salty and spicy sauces are still stars, but we also have some culinary novelties for you.

3 reasons why you will love the new Container menu

New is always better. That’s what Barney says in How I Met Your Mother, and we tend to believe it. Even if the good taste always remains good, there are chances that you will get bored of the same dishes. So a little color doesn’t hurt anyone.

Our chefs have designed this new menu in such a way that it can keep the classic taste and come up with a new and surprising combination of flavors.

The taste will turn your back on you. Do you know those good burgers that made you come to Container Street Food Suceava several times a week with friends? Well, they’re better now. I take some are double.

Yes, I added quantity, not just quality. Although we know that you value quality first and foremost, quantity is not to be ignored either. So now at Container Street Food Suceava, those excellent burgers are waiting for you in the right quantity: big enough to saturate you well, but to be able to eat two or three more potatoes.

The combinations are surprising. Even if your favorite burger is still in the new Container burger menu, we have prepared some other suggestions plus some menus that you certainly can’t refuse.


What you can find in the new burger menu at Container Street Food Suceava

The new burger menu brings you food quickly ahead: tasty, natural and at prices you can’t resist. As usual, the chefs from Container Street Food Suceava have prepared some delicious recipes.

We remind you that our dishes contain only natural ingredients. We are fans of homemade eggs, natural and tasty milk. Fresh vegetables are always present on the table, ready to give flavor to your burger. We don’t like vegeta and we don’t add additives, so at Container you will always have the pleasure of natural taste.

The new menu kept the burger star: All or nothing. As the name suggests, this burger gives you everything: fresh and hot bun, beef and bacon, ceddar, egg and vegetables (fresh ones, as you know).

The Burger Container comes in a row at the parade, with a weight of 360gr, beef, pickles for the sweet-sour taste and iceberg lettuce. That’s to stay friendly with your diet. Our burgers are not caloric bombs, they are taste bombs.

Kings Burger brings you an undeniable flavor of beef combined with cheese, roasted peppers and those sauces that make you come back to us. You can always opt for a burger menu, which also brings you a portion of roasted potatoes and sauce.

And because it’s Lent, we’ve prepared a veggie burger with vegetable roast, vegetables and sauce. You can find the whole new menu of burgers from Container on our website.

The Container team is on alert next to the phone, ready to take your order and bring it to you quickly. You can contact us at the numbers available on the site. For an easy experience, we also launched the application Container Street Food Suceava , which you can find in Google Play and the App Store, for free.

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