The sandwich, the everyday food

The sandwich, the everyday food

The sandwich, the everyday food

Recently, the sandwich was called pizza for the poor. It has also been said that the sandwich would be a noble dish, but one thing is clear: the sandwich is indispensable in any home.

Anyone eats sandwiches, and anyone can enjoy a good sandwich. Therefore, as always, at Container Street Food we manage to make the best ones. Don’t you believe us? We do not tell you, we tell you customers who come constantly and enjoy a well-made sandwich, balanced and suitable for any diet.

Because we are at the beginning of the year, everyone wants a healthier diet, richer in nutrients and better suited to their lifestyle. And a good sandwich fits all situations,

Container Street Food offers you several sandwich recipes, all good, all prepared with fresh and a la carte ingredients.

Here are the sandwiches you can find in the Container Street Food Suceava menu:

  • bacon sandwich;
  • chicken sandwich;
  • container sandwich;
  • halloumi sandwich;
  • tuna sandwich.

All our sandwiches weigh 360 to 390 grams and are prepared with fresh bread, baked on the spot.

We assure you that the ingredients are fresh and of the best quality and if you want to convince yourself, come and try one of our sandwiches.

Until another one, he finds out that this popular food is considered noble.

The history of the sandwich

A man of noble origin, passionate about gambling is responsible for the famous snack. Two slices of bread including ham, meat, vegetables or all kinds of sauces and spices, this is the sandwich.

It is found everywhere: in the most fancy restaurants and on every street corner. It is one of the most popular dishes in the world.

However, it did not appear in modern times, but is a fairly old dish. Reports say that the sandwich comes precisely through the sec. I e.n. Even in the Middle Ages, in order to eat meat as quickly as possible, it was placed between two slices of bread, so as not to use cutlery.

Sandwich name

The name of the dish comes in the 18th century. The Lord of Sandwich is the one who takes responsibility. A lord who did not go down in history by his fighting tactics or by the strategies implemented, but by the banal and accidental association with our preparation. Sandwich

The exact circumstances under which the Lord gave the name of the preparation are not yet known. But a few notes tell us that the Lord was a big fan of card games. He used to eat during the game. At one point he asked to be offered a piece of meat cooked and placed between two slices of bread.

That way, he didn’t have to leave the game. The book also says that the other participants in the game would have asked for the same as Sandwich. In time, the preparation took the name of the Lord and bears it to this day. That gives you a way to stay in history, doesn’t it?

The first concrete appearance of the name sandwich appears in 1762. Then an author says that he saw the dish on the menu of a restaurant. Then, the fact that the sandwich could be cooked so quickly and was so tasty brought it world fame.

Thanks to him, sliced bread also appeared, because sandwiches were easier to prepare with sliced bread.

Later, the popularity of the sandwich increased even more and each child had a sandwich at school lunch.

Of course, the dish has evolved a lot: from bread and meat, to bread baked with ham, egg, vegetables, sauces and spices. As always, the dish has been brought to its peak and now delights the appetites of the whole world, be they refined, pretentious or simple.

A good sandwich is suitable for everyone, so we are waiting for you at Container Street Food

We remind you that we still have the menu of the day, if you do not know what you would like to eat or you simply do not have time to browse the menu. It costs you only 21 lei and comes with a Ciuc or Radler beer from us.

For the days when you don’t know what you want to eat, leave it to us. From Monday to Friday, we offer you the tastiest menu of the day in Suceava. We know you want something good and if you don’t have time to check the options, so we choose for you.

If you have other culinary cravings, we are here to make sure they are fulfilled. Take a look at our menu on and tell us what you want.

We are waiting for you on the terrace or we will come to you. You can also find us at 0728 721 351

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