The tastiest dishes from Container Suceava

The tastiest dishes from Container Suceava

The tastiest dishes from Container Suceava

Good things rain in your mouth, and your stomach applauds gratefully every time you choose these dishes from Container Suceava. We love food and we especially love good food. We choose the best so that the tastiest dishes are put in front of you. We are dedicated and persistent and that’s why we manage to bring only the most ingenious dishes in front of you.

So that you don’t have to take our word for it, we invite you to the restaurant to eat. In the meantime, we have made a list of some of the dishes on the menu that we invite you to try.


Yes, any burger from us is good. And not only because we have the most skilled chefs in the area, but also because we use the best quality ingredients. The meat is fresh, sourced from local producers and prepared just right. We say exactly, because you know too well how much timing matters when you cook meat. Our chefs know how to cook meat to your liking. To get to our burgers quickly, here is the link:

Gourmet Quesadilla Menu

In previous articles I wrote that this dish is the most popular in Mexican cuisine. What makes the quesadilla so special is the cheese.

If it’s quality, then the food is also good. With meat, vegetables and hot peppers, the quesadilla is our favorite Mexican dish and we’re so glad you like it too.

That’s why a lot of people order especially gourmet Quesadilla Menu. It has bacon, peppers, onions, mozzarella, bacon, house sauce and potatoes. Here you can see what it looks like and place an order:

What other Quesadilla recipes can you find on the menu at Container Suceava


CHICKEN QUESADILLA MENU is another dish that our customers appreciate and constantly order. Because we know you want to be sure what you’re eating, know that all the dishes listed here are among people’s first choices. So if it matters to you what customers think about our dishes, these are the first ones you should try when you come to us.

This menu contains chicken meat, peppers, onions, mozzarella, tenderloin, potatoes, house sauce and can be ordered from here:

Beef tortilla meniu

Another Mexican dish that we and our customers love is the beef tortilla, the menu option. The beef in the dish is fresh and bought from us, from local producers. The vegetables used here, as in the other dishes on the menu, are fresh and Romanian.

And the sauce is cooked by us and our customers already know that it is unique in Suceava. The beef tortilla menu also has potatoes and can be ordered here: 390g-180g-30g/

Suceava Container burger menu

Because burgers are our specialty and because we know how to make burgers the best, the burger menu could not be missing from the list of dishes preferred by Container Suceava customers.

This burger menu is a delight for the stomach and the taste buds, especially because everything is fresh on it. The bun is slightly tender, warm and crispy on the outside, the meat is juicy, flavorful and cooked to perfection and the vegetables (as I told you) – fresh. This is the recipe for the perfect burger that I have never failed with.

The burger menu contains: beef 130g, cheddar 15g, tomato 30g, onion 10g, pickled cucumber 20g, iceberg lettuce 30g, house sauce & curry 40g, burger bun 80g + potatoes 180g + house sauce 35g

To order quickly, here is the link to the dish:

So that you can order your favorite food anytime and anywhere, we invite you to download the Container Street Food Suceava application. The app is free and available on the Appstore and Google Play.

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