Tortilla: from crockery to delicious food

Tortilla: from crockery to delicious food

Tortilla: from crockery to delicious food

You know those moments when you would eat a burger with potatoes and sauce and drink a cola, but it seems more appropriate to eat a salad and you do not know what to choose? Well, for such moments I made the tortilla. A delicious choice, a combination of crazy junk food taste and fine vegetable aromas, the torilla from Container Street Food is a dish that we constantly hear only good about.

And that’s because it’s one of our best dishes.

Without further ado, here’s where to find our tortilla menu.

There you have all our delicious tortilla recipes Container Street Food Suceava. So if you are hungry or hungry for something good and you are looking for one of the best tortillas in Suceava, you know where to find us.

Here are the tortilla recipes we have prepared for you:

  • Beef Tortilla;
  • chicken tortilla;
  • gurmand tortilla;
  • halloumi tortilla;
  • tuna tortilla;
  • veggie tortilla;

Each dish weighs about 350 grams and comes to your heart’s content.

Do you like tender chicken meat with good sauce prepared by us or are you a fan of beef? Whatever it is, we’re ready for you.

If you prefer a cheesy or fish tortilla, or even one for the days when you start your diet, we got your back.

Our tortilla ensures every stomach he meets and convinces him that it is the best. How?

Well, as you know, the whole Container Street Food Suceava team is an avid food lover. So we were interested in how we can make the best tortilla in Suceava. You know we don’t brag, but we heard it came out. From our tried and tested recipes, the combinations of ingredients and various explosions of tastes we came across, we managed to make a tortilla more like a book. But first, how and where did this miracle dish come about that is like a lady courted by all gentlemen?

Tortilla story

Great inventions came about by mistake, didn’t they? So it was with the apple that fell, the fire discovered by chance and the wheel that probably also accidentally turned.

The word tortilla comes from the word torta, which means a round cake. Mexican cuisine is the most varied, beautiful, tasty and appreciated cuisine in the world. From there comes the tortilla, which in the Mexican diet is a staple food.

History tells us that the tortilla was not only food, but also cheerful. I mean, people used the old tortilla as plates. It was not until the 15th century that wooden plates were used, so until then, people managed as best they could.

Later, the tortilla was used to prepare the well-known Mexican cuisine recipes for quesadilla and tacos.

In Spain, tortilla is a kind of round omelette, unfolded and made with layers of eggs, potato slices, cooked with spices and prepared with vegetable oil. Usually, Spaniards serve it cold as an appetizer. There are several Spanish recipes known as tortillas, such as Spanish tortilla or potato tortillas, which are prepared with french fries and hardened onions, served as the house specialty in Spanish restaurants.

The American versions are totally different. American tortillas are served hot, not cold, and are often vegetable.

In Mexican terms, tortilla is nothing but a thin, unripe bread. The variant that is made of ground corn belongs to the Americans and is considered to be the original tortilla as we know it today. It is practically a Mexican version of bread, transformed by the Americans and adapted by everyone. The tortilla is also used to prepare burrito, and we have modified it and adapted it to your preferences.

So we put meat, corn and other vegetables in it, gave it fine notes of spices, avoided a lot of additives and vegeta and we got a good tortilla. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should give it a try and tell us what you think.

It goes perfectly with a tea and you could eat a good soup afterwards.

The tortilla is also included in the menu of the day, which I started some time ago. The menu of the day gathers our best food suggestions in one place and just a button away from you and your table. If the break is short and you don’t have time to browse the Container Street Food menu or you just don’t know what you want to eat, we make you want something every day.

We have prepared your menu of the day with different dishes every day and with a fixed price, good for any pocket and any appetite: 20.99 lei.

Moreover, we are honored with a dose of Ciuc Premium or Radler beer with raspberries, of your choice. Take a look at our daily suggestions and see why you feel like it.

As we are in the period of fasting, we have also prepared delicious fasting dishes for you.

Whoever says that fasting food does not taste, has not yet tasted our food.

You can find us at 0728721351. Call us and we will deliver your food faster than you think.

It comes to you neither hot nor hot, but only good to eat. For other discussions with us, take a look at our blog, and for other delicious dishes, browse the menu you can find on

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