Tricks for perfect salad recipes

Tricks for perfect salad recipes

Tricks for perfect salad recipes

Do you prepare salad recipes at home, but you can’t get that good salad that you can find at Container Street Food Suceava? Well, most of the time, the problem is the way you prepare it.

In principle, a salad is an easy dish to cook, but the key is to the ingredients you choose to use. As salad is a healthy and diet friendly dish, it would be a real waste not to succeed in your recipe.

That’s why we leave here some tips to follow when choosing to make a salad.

For starters, we offer you the hottest tip you need to know: wash the salad. Obviously, it’s not the case if you took Eisberg salad. If the salad is taken from local producers in the market, wash all the leaves well.

For perfect salad recipes do not forget the salt

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Yes, it sounds trivial, but this is one of the secrets of good salads from Container Street Food Suceava.

Remember to put salt in the dish, and the dressing must be put at the end every time. As you know, salt should not be used in excess in any preparation, and salad is no exception.

Mix ingredients that have different textures

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The result would not be the one you want, if you thought to mix croutons, almonds, nuts and crispy leaves. It is important to mix a crunchy ingredient with another that has a creamy texture.

Moreover, when you think of a salad, it should be both sweet and salty and bitter. It has to come with an explosion of flavors, all light.

Therefore, when making a salad, think about it and choose to mix ingredients that have different tastes.

The best salad recipes are made with seasonal vegetables

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The warm season is here, and the good part is that it comes with all the vegetables we can’t wait to see on the market stalls. Whether you fancy a salad with dill or arugula, the choices are yours. The taste of the salad also depends a lot on how fresh the vegetables used to prepare it are.

Summer is the season when you can play with all the ingredients you find in the market.

Quantity is the perfect salad recipe

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If you add too much salt, it’s clearly not a good salad, is it? The same is true for ingredients. Any ingredient that is in excess can alter the taste of the final preparation.

A balanced recipe should have about the same amount of salad, meat, vegetables and any other ingredients you choose to put.

At Container Street Food Suceava, this is the recipe for success: the balance between ingredients that brings a rainbow to the palate.

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Do you want a walnut salad? Put them in the oven

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If you want to make a salad in which to put nuts, almonds and any other kind of hazelnuts, put them in the oven first.

By frying, hazelnuts enhance their taste, and your salad will be better.

For perfect salad recipes, play with oils

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In almost any classic dressing you will find extra virgin olive oil and vinegar. However, in any dressing recipe you can alternate with other oils. You can also soak ingredients in oil.

There are a lot of suggestions and you have the opportunity to use a different dressing every time. If you still don’t know which dressing best suits your salad, I wrote an article in which I offered you some suggestions for dressing recipes.

Don’t forget to add some greens to your salad, such as parsley or dill, and at the end, sprinkle a little more. Finally, when you have the opportunity, use an extravagant ingredient to add color to your salad.

Container Street Food Suceava invites you to dinner

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If you want a salad like a book and to turn your back on you, come to Container Street Food Suceava.

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In our menu you will find salad recipes made to order and that will change your opinion about what the salad should taste like.

We use only fresh ingredients from local producers and so the taste is at its maximum potential.

And if time does not allow you to cross our threshold, we remind you that we also have a free Suceava delivery service. You tell us what you want, and we come to you with the order as you say “salad”.

Enter and see what dishes we offer you or download our application from Google Play or App Store.

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