Vegetarian food in Suceava that is really good

Vegetarian food in Suceava that is really good

Vegetarian food in Suceava that is really good

Are you looking for vegetarian food in Suceava that is really good?

We know what it’s like. Going to a restaurant and your only vegetarian options being potatoes and bread. Possibly a bland salad that isn’t worth the calories.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can eat without meat in Suceava and you can even choose dishes that will surely surprise you.

Whether you are fasting or vegan, at Container Street Food Suceava we have prepared a whole menu for you.

What we love most about the vegetarian menu is that it doesn’t lack for taste. The dishes are surprisingly tasty and we guarantee that you will return at least once to eat them.

Why be a vegetarian?

Two camps have formed: those who say it is good to be a vegetarian and those who say it is not good. However, specialists are best able to provide you with the information you need.

Meat has, of course, its important supply of nutrients. However, there are no nutrients you can’t get from vegetables.

Below are some reasons why it is really good to become a vegetarian, to fast or give up meat for a period of time.

  1. Less fat and carbs means a healthier liver and heart. Saturated fat in meat increases cholesterol.
  2. You avoid heart disease or cancer. The latest studies show that vegetarians have healthier diets and are more disease-free.
  3. On average, a human eats around 40 pigs and 800 chickens.

In addition, vegetarians are 35% less likely to become obese and live longer lives.

You don’t get as many benefits from meat as you do from vegetables and fruits. In addition, meat does not have the amounts of fiber found in vegetables or fruits.

You have a lot of dishes to cook without ever running out of ideas. Yes, there are a lot of reasons to be vegetarian, just like there are a lot of reasons to eat meat.

But even when it comes to food, tastes aren’t really discussed. The important thing is to eat as healthy and as you like.

vegetarian food

Vegetarian food at Container Suceava

Container’s vegetarian menu includes several recipes to wink at.

From burgers to salads, you can enjoy various vegetarian dishes.

Falafel menu with potatoes and sauce. If you’re craving fast food, but would like to keep calories to a limit, we recommend this menu. It’s the most popular in the vegan category and we’re sure you’ll love it too.

Veggie burritos. I’ve said it before: Mexican cuisine has the most pleasant surprises in gastronomy. So is this veggie burrito, an explosion of good flavors.

Penne with tomatoes and basil. For the evenings when you would eat some good pasta, together with a glass of white wine, we have prepared these bene. It smells incredibly good and the taste is way beyond what you would imagine.

Veggie Tortillas. A quick lunch or a delicious dinner, this tortilla is perfect for any time of day.

Vegetarian salad. If you want something fresh, natural and that brings you a maximum intake of nutrients, choose a salad.

All the dishes you find on our menu are cooked from fresh and natural ingredients, taken from local producers. What we don’t buy from manufacturers are only the highest quality products. This is the only way we make sure that the taste is as good as possible.

Here you can find the entire vegetarian menu from Container Suceava:

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