Vegetarian menu in Suceava? Container has prepared your ground

Vegetarian menu in Suceava? Container has prepared your ground

Vegetarian menu in Suceava? Container has prepared your ground

It is difficult to find a good vegetarian menu, with taste and various dishes. Hunger is not a game and we know that in Suceava people not only want a full stomach, but also a happy stomach. So the food has to be not only a lot, but also especially good to stay in people’s minds.

We all know the famous reputation that fasting food has: it is salt-free, tasteless and we don’t like it. We don’t know exactly who said that about fasting or vegetarian food, but we have clear evidence to the contrary.

Vegetarian food can be super delicious if prepared creatively. You can eat a good burger in Suceava even without meat. And have you ever tried the Container Vegetarian Wok? The two are enough to convince you to become a vegetarian. Anyway, the two are not the only dishes we have armed ourselves with in our menu.

What a vegetarian menu the Container chefs have prepared for you

As you know, the Container story begins with the love of good taste. Here you come to eat something that really leaves a taste in your mouth, makes you want more, saturates you and brings you the necessary nutrients. That’s how we started, that’s how we continue: with a love of food, we became real gourmets.

You can also see this in the new vegetarian menu we have prepared for you. All dishes are cooked with fresh and natural ingredients. We do not use additives, we do not use vegeta and we take full advantage of the ge-ni taste that natural preparations give us.

We make sure that all the combinations prepared are unique & surprising. The vegetarian menu is no exception to these rules.

Vegetarian menu dishes Container Street Food Suceava

We start nicely, properly, with a vegetarian salad. If you feel that the holidays will make you exaggerate and you would like to keep for cozonac and sarmale, we suggest the vegetarian salad from Container.

Seriously, you wouldn’t expect it to taste so good. Contains a mix of fresh salad, tomatoes (flavored, garden), cucumbers, peppers, corn and tofu cheese. It’s the fresh lunch and dinner you need and it has all the nutrients to keep you full of energy. She lacks those many calories, but they don’t go well with her diet.

Veggie burger. You can enjoy that good, classic and meatless burger. Vegetarians know very well why they gave up meat: that the dishes can be just as good without it.

For that explosive taste of burger with sauce, matched with potatoes and a zero cola, I prepared this veggie burger. You can find the following ingredients in it: bun, vegetable roast, tofu cheese, tomatoes, pickles, roasted peppers, iceberg lettuce, sauces, barbeque sauce. We say you shouldn’t let the taste of this burger pass you by, so we invite you to dinner.

What else can you find in the vegetarian menu at Container

That’s not all, we have prepared several vegetarian dishes for you. At Container Street Food Suceava you can also find the veggie tortilla. Contains tofu tortilla, fresh vegetables and sauces. You can also get a tortilla menu, which comes bundled with french fries and homemade sauce.

In the vegetarian menu at Container Suceava you will also find:

  • Veggie Burrito / Menu: hummus, tofu cheese, sticky, grilled vegetables, sauces / potatoes, homemade sauce;
  • spaghetti garlic garlic and chili pepper: spaghetti, garlic, chili pepper, parsley;
  • penne with tomatoes and basil: penne, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, basil, Genovese pesto;
  • vegetarian wok: rice, vegetables, soy sauce;
  • falafel with potatoes and sauce: Lebanese chickpea meatballs, potatoes, garlic sauce.

You can find details about prices and quantity on the Container Street Food Suceava website. The entire menu is also available on the Container application, which you can find for free in both Google Play and the App Store.

vegetarian menu
vegetarian menu
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