What is the secret of the best burger in Suceava

What is the secret of the best burger in Suceava

What is the secret of the best burger in Suceava

How did this delicious dish, the most famous in the world, end up? It was a real burger adventure, but look, it managed to be the most appreciated by everyone.

And you know that such success comes with ups and downs, deceptions and disappointments. So it was with the Burger. The Container Street Food Suceava team has a huge respect for this dish, precisely because it is so appreciated by customers.

We have been told more than once that we have some of the best burgers in Suceava. But where did the preparation actually originate?

The history of the Burger

In America, of course. Where it is considered a national treasure and where there is no mature American who has not eaten a burger.

There are people who travel the world in search of the best burger. (And I don’t know that he is in Suceava.)

Influencers pose for the most successful posts on instagram and facebook, and reviews flow at every restaurant that has a burger. And, let’s be serious, every restaurant has a burger. It’s just a matter of quality. Along with pasta, kebabs and pizza, the burger is on the first places in the menu of the world.

In 19th century America, Hamburg was famous for its beef obtained from cattle near the cities. Beef used to be cooked like meatballs and quickly became famous as “Hamburg meat”. Hence the name hamburger.

At first, this food was considered street food and was served at fairs, parks and other public places. This bread and beef recipe appeared somewhere around 1903. It is not known exactly who created it.

However, in the following years the hamburger spread all over the world with the advent of fast food. After this happened, the association of the burger with the potatoes began. And you know who’s to blame: McDonalds.

In 1948, Mc sold drive-in potatoes, burgers and juice, and that’s how the associations began. Today, burgers are more than just a fast food dish. It is a respected dish that has evolved a lot. As at Container Street Food Suceava, burger recipes have taken many forms and have been constantly reinvented to please you.

There are restaurants that sell only burgers and all kinds of street shops with specifics. Moreover, every restaurant has burgers on its menu. In fact, $ 5,000 burgers were invented that could only be matched with champagne (just as expensive).

The burger phenomenon has also spread in Romania. This is how themed festivals and restaurants were born.

What kind of burger can you find at Container Street Food Suceava

As you know that we are big gourmets, we have prepared for you some delicious burgers, about which we have heard only well.

  • all or nothing burger;
  • burger container;
  • veggie burger;
  • chicken burger;
  • chicken cheese burger;
  • kings burger. 

And these are just a few of a long list you can find on

How to make a delicious burger in 6 easy steps

It’s no big deal to make a burger. Although, in order to come out like a book, you have to follow a few simple steps.

Here are the ingredients you need:

  • 1 kg of beef;
  • salt and pepper;
  • 1 tablespoon oil;
  • 200 gr barbecue sauce
  • 5 digits;
  • lettuce leaves
  • onion rings
  • slices of tomatoes
  • optional: slices of cheese or bacon.

What should you do:

  1. chop the meat and shape the burgers;
  2. If you don’t buy it, prepare the barbeque sauce;
  3. fry onion rings;
  4. put the burgers on the grill, then sprinkle with salt and pepper;
  5. fry the buns on the grill;
  6. assemble the burger.

It’s nothing complicated, and this burger can be really delicious. In any case, if you want to go directly to the source, we are waiting for you at Container Street Food for a burger like a book. Choose what you want and enjoy. Take a look at our menu and see what you want.

As soon as 2021 comes, we are back to work, so we are waiting for you to welcome the new year with a full stomach and a smile on your face. We remind you that we still provide you with the menu of the day.

For the days when you don’t know what you want to eat, leave it to us. From Monday to Friday, we offer you the tastiest menu of the day in Suceava. We know you want something good and if you don’t have time to check the options, so we choose for you.

If you have other culinary cravings, we are here to make sure they are fulfilled. Take a look at our menu on and tell us what you want.

We are waiting for you on the terrace or we will come to you. You can also find us at 0728 721 351

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