What summer looks like at Container Suceava

What summer looks like at Container Suceava

What summer looks like at Container Suceava

Do we all agree that summer seems to change something in us? We also have more energy at Container Suceava, more zest for life, more appetite and more activity.

Because yes, if people are influenced by summer, so are places. With the arrival of summer, I have a restart of the whole place. We brought even fresher ingredients from local producers, nuanced the menu, added products, organized events and had fun.

To understand how Container Suceava looks in the summer, read the article to the end. We promise you’ll like it and you’ll cross our threshold again this week for a good burger, a summer salad, or a big festival vibe.

Summer menu from Container Suceava

As we announced on our facebook page, some time ago the Container Suceava menu underwent some changes – delicious, by the way. We made the good tastes explode and we were actually impressed with the taste of our burgers. To confirm what was said, we leave here one of the reviews received for the Suceava burgers.

“Best burger in town.” – I. Ailoaie

“One of the best places in Suceava. The food is delicious, the staff is very kind and friendly. I am conquered, I have become a loyal customer. ” – G. Murgilă

The Suceava Container menu received new shades, new colors, new clothes – as they say. And, like everything new, it’s mega good. The menu has prepared dishes such as:

Burgers and burgers menu. Yes, the golden, delicious potatoes and the house sauce are still here, just as good. The burgers are carefully prepared, with fresh ingredients and the best quality. Really. And you can easily feel that with every menu you order. In addition, we have our own recipes and classic burger recipes, so that all appetites are satisfied.

Tortilla. We make a habit of making excellent tortillas, you know. If you haven’t tried them yet, you should stop by the restaurant to see what we’re talking about.

Sandwiches. For the days when you want something fast and good, we have prepared a complete menu of sandwiches. Calorically, the sandwiches at Container Street Food Suceava are large enough to be enough for breakfast or lunch.

Breakfast. From omelets, salads and even pancakes, the breakfast at the Container is healthy. Include eggs, to get your share of protein, but also vegetables, to have enough vitamins in your body for the whole day.

container sucea

Container meat preparations

Because we know that, most of the time, taste is the only thing that matters, we take care to put all our attention in each dish. The meat is fresh and natural and, along with freshly bought vegetables, makes the food mega good. In the meat menu you will find tortillas, burgers and burgers menu, burrito and burrito menu, sandwiches, but also salads, grill and wok.

Because I promised you a complete menu, at Container Suceava you can find salads, desserts, colorful and fine drinks and almost everything you would want for a day spent at the restaurant.

The pasta menu satisfies any lover of good, flavorful pasta that uses all the excellent qualities of the ingredients.

And, because we often have parents and children, we launched a special menu designed for the little ones. Includes healthy dishes designed for a portion suitable for a child.

In other words, we have fun every day. Customers are our friends and are treated as such. Most of the time we have evenings with music and events to enjoy with friends or family. We spend time on the covered terrace, arranged in tune with the personality of the restaurant. There, we invite you to join the party, good food and have quality time with friends and family.

Enter the Container Suceava website to discover all the dishes we provide.

To keep in touch, we also launched the Container Street Food Suceava application, which is free in the App Store and Google Play. You can also order food on the website or at the available phone numbers.

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