What you need to know about home delivery service

What you need to know about home delivery service

What you need to know about home delivery service

The Covid-19 pandemic does not give us a break at all, and people are once again forced to go through the same story as last year. But we do not complain, because everything we do is for our health. As the capacity to receive customers in restaurants decreased, the demand for home delivery increased.

Everyone wants to eat more and more often from the comfort and safety of home, and this is perfectly normal. And, as we know how much the place where you eat matters, Container Street Food Suceava offers you home delivery services.

As you know, these services are absolutely free and perfect for those who like Netflix & chill, but also a tasty burger from Container. Delivery services have become increasingly widespread in recent years and have been hugely successful. All restaurants engage in this type of activity, just to offer you a complete package of services.

Delivery service boom

This sector is a real success and earns a fortune. The main reason? As you thought, the Covid-19 pandemic. But the gain is not the main reason why most restaurants introduce this service. Home delivery is what keeps them on the line of survival.

As most restaurants are forced to restrict their activity, the gain becomes much lower, and entrepreneurs can reach the brink of bankruptcy. So home delivery is life-saving. Okay, of course we are talking about double profit: you choose a free service and food at the address, and entrepreneurs stay with their business.

Moreover, if you want to spend birthdays or holidays with family or friends, you can always order your favorite food at home. In Suceava, Container Street Food offers you this type of service for free.

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The biggest advantages of home delivery service

The biggest advantage of this service is its adaptability. Home delivery service involves going home to the customer, getting to know him and bringing him his favorite food. Moreover, these services are flexible and competent in the area of ​​action. This is how we come to Suceava with food as soon as possible. Whether it’s raining or windy, the Container Street Food Suceav team is at your disposal with food as soon as possible.

Another advantage is the speed of delivery. Suceava is our home and we know it “like in the palm of your hand” no matter where you are. That good food gets to you about as fast as it would if you were in a restaurant.

We are as prompt as possible and we guarantee that hot food will never reach you cold. And if you somehow plan to offer your girlfriend a romantic dinner at home, find out that we also take care of plating. The food reaches you only good to put on the plate, to photograph and to put on instagram.

Because the pandemic still does not give us peace, know that we disinfect and sanitize periodically and respect all the regulations in force related to the pandemic. Health comes first.

You can choose your favorite dishes from the menu on the site and you can call us at the numbers displayed. You place the order, and we’ll get to you as soon as possible. Furthermore, the app Container Street Food Suceavait is available for free on both Google Play and the App Store.

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