What’s good about Happy Hour. Restaurant with burgers Suceava

What’s good about Happy Hour. Restaurant with burgers Suceava

What’s good about Happy Hour. Restaurant with burgers Suceava

Self-praise doesn’t smell good, but it does if others praise us. Container Street Food Suceava, a burger restaurant Suceava has managed to become a place where good tasting food, beautiful people and an atmosphere with a bright vibe intertwine so harmoniously that you are sure to get infected too.

At Container, we like to say that we do burgers with a twist, because we know that you constantly appreciate our burgers. So we make them with the greatest love and skill.

Our chefs work wonders in the kitchen every day and bring us super tasty dishes, prepared with talent and only with fresh ingredients.

And, because you are with us and you eat at Container Suceava, we want to reward you. That’s how I thought about Happy hour at Container, a burger restaurant in Suceava.

Burgers at Happy Hour

Because burgers are among our most popular dishes, at Happy Hour we have prepared a chicken burger menu for you.

Along with the classic burger, you have a portion of potatoes and the house sauce. Now, we’re sure you know. But we want to remind you that our burgers are 100% made by us. The vegetables, the meat, the sauce – absolutely everything is taken from local producers in Bucovina.

The meat is fresh, bought from us and has enough fat to make the burger juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside.

The potatoes are not frozen, and we buy the vegetables from the market. So, we know for sure that the taste is the best.

The sauce is prepared by us and has already gained its reputation in Suceava. The burger menu contains: chicken meat 130 g, cheese 20 g, tomatoes 30 g, peppers 15 g, iceberg lettuce 30 g, house sauce 15 g, burger bun 80 g, potatoes 180 g, house sauce 35 g

To quickly reach the Happy Hour menu, here is the link: https://containerstreetfood.com/produs/chicken-burger-360g-180g/

Good-good dessert at Happy Hour

Because the sweet tooth is not easily satisfied, at Happy Hour you can also find a portion of papanasi with cream and traditional blueberry jam.

The portion is large enough to fill you up and not worry about the extra calories consumed. Look at the weight of the dish: papanasi 150 g, cream 50 g, blueberry jam 30 g

Here you can find papanasi with cream: https://containerstreetfood.com/produs/papanasi-cu-smantana-si-ducleata-de-afine-230g/

Burrito menu at Container, Suceava burger restaurant

We have various dishes at Happy Hour to satisfy any appetite.

I have also prepared a beef burrito menu for you, for the days when you are in a hurry, but you want to eat well and good.

It has a super attractive happy hour price and contains beef, tenderloin, grilled vegetables, mozzarella, sauces, potatoes, house sauce.

Gourmet Tortilla menu

If tortillas are to you like ramen is to Naruto, then we’re sure you’ll love this recipe. The Gourmet Tortilla menu offers you a classic Mexican recipe with bacon, cream cheese, fresh vegetables, sauces and tortillas

Here you can find the menu: https://containerstreetfood.com/produs/meniu-gurmand-tortilla-550g/

Spaghetti at Happy Hour Container

If you haven’t had time to eat well all day or if you want to really satisfy your stomach, at Happy Hour Container you have spaghetti AGLIO OLIO E PEPERONCINO.

A portion of spaghetti is the right treatment for days when you don’t have the energy to work, when you want to eat well and good and recharge your batteries.

Here you can find the recipe: https://containerstreetfood.com/produs/spaghetti-aglio-ollio-e-peperoncino-360g/

All the dishes listed above are part of the Happy Hour promotion, from the burger restaurant Suceava Container Street Food.

To be able to order your favorite food quickly as often as you want, we invite you to download the Container application. It is free and can be found in both Google Play and the App Store.

You can quickly order your favorite food and have the entire Container menu at your fingertips. For quick requests, save our number in your phone: 0728 721 351

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