Where to find a balanced and tasty children’s menu

Where to find a balanced and tasty children’s menu

Where to find a balanced and tasty children’s menu

Of course, you have already caught where you can find such a children’s menu: at Container Street Food Suceava. You know that those french fries in an oil bath, along with white bread, processed meat and sour juice are not the best option for feeding your children.

If you are looking for a tasty variant that will get rid of junk, come to Container Street Food Suceava. From the very beginning, I valued healthy, well-made food. Regardless of the preparation I chose, I did my best to make it as natural and healthy as possible. And, we say, we kind of came out.

Yes, this is also the case with burgers. To get the persuasion work done, here are some reasons why a children’s menu is healthy and tasty:

  1. We only use fresh ingredients. And that moment when you used an older carrot from the fridge and it changed the taste of your soup? Yes, even if you use vegetables, it doesn’t matter how long you have them. That’s why we do the market every day to constantly have natural and fresh ingredients. And we are not just talking about vegetables, but also about other ingredients used.
  2. We use natural ingredients. Cheese, milk, meat and eggs are taken from local, reliable and quality-guaranteed producers. That’s why our dishes are so good. We only use natural ingredients. They are super good because they reduce empty calories and give you a meal full of nutrients, vitamins and protein.
  3. The fast food menu is not junk food. If the little ones crave a portion of french fries, our potatoes are safe. The same is true for the burger: we keep the authentic taste, which makes you want such a dish, but we take out the empty, extra calories.

What you can find at Container Suceava in the children’s menu

Our chefs have thought of a balanced and healthy menu, suitable for children’s nutrition. You can find the following in the children’s menu :

Crispy chicken with potatoes and sauce . Do you know that moment when you get a Coke and some potatoes bathed in oil, and the little one wants it too? Well, you can give him the healthier version. We prepared for your baby crispy fresh chicken, with potatoes cooked in a little oil and sauce. It is the safest option you can take for your child, if he also wants junk fook. This dish contains crispy 180g, 180g potatoes, 30g garlic sauce.

And if you get a burger, it is very normal to choose a burger for the little one. So I prepared a petite burger variant, healthy and made from natural ingredients.

This is the Minions Burger Menu . It contains: beef 90g, cheddar 15g, tomatoes 30g, pickles 30g, iceberg lettuce 30g, homemade sauce & amp; barbeque 30g, mini bun 65g + potatoes 180g + homemade sauce 35g.

Another burger option for the little one is the minions burger at 350g. Contains 90g beef, 15g cheddar, 30g tomatoes, 30g pickles, 30g iceberg lettuce, homemade sauce & amp; barbeque 30g, mini bun 65g. In the children’s menu you will also find the version of chicken nuggets.

Children’s menu at Container Street Food Suceava

The little ones, in addition to being real gourmets, are really greedy. In order not to deny the little one the joy of eating with you, we have prepared these menus for children. Small portions, but great taste, that was our premise.

And if you want to enjoy a family meal, you can always order your favorite food from the website or from the Container application. The application is at your disposal free of charge and provides you with the entire menu in your pocket. You call us, and we come as soon as you say Container .

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