Where to find the best food in Suceava

Where to find the best food in Suceava

Where to find the best food in Suceava

Have you come to Suceava and want to eat something delicious and that will extinguish your hunger?

Container Street Food is where you want to go. Why? For starters, that’s what people tell us. You who have been with us and return every time with the same smile and good appetite. You who appreciate what we do and tell others.

You told us: Containter Street Food is one of the best places in town. So we take your word for it. And you, those who have not yet crossed our threshold, know that other people are right: we are among the best in Suceava. Ever since we entered the industry, we have given you daily reasons to make friends. We have constantly developed, we have learned day by day, and our path does not stop here. We are in full ascent and with you we celebrate every day: with good food to lick your fingers, cozy atmosphere, live music when needed, constant friends and smiles. Here at Container Street Food is a different kind of home.

Hunger is no joke

We say that because, as I told you before, we are big gourmets. We appreciate beauty everywhere, and when it is in food we appreciate it even more. So, at Container Street Food, we present you the beautiful. On the plate, placed properly. Until, impatiently, a slight smile in the corner of his mouth and the sounds of an angry stomach on the horizon, he swallowed everything from the plate. Yes, hunger is no joke and thank you for teaching us to respect hunger. I tried different recipes and combined ingredients until the best results came out. Moreover, our ingredients are always fresh and treated with the utmost care. The kitchen is our sanctuary and everything we do there, we do with respect for you.

What awaits you at Container Street Food?

I know I kept saying that, but we are waiting for you with smiles and ready to prepare what you want. From burgers, to pizza, salads and desserts to cocktails and fine drinks, we prepare them all for you.

We have a full menu, as per the book, with all kinds of dishes for big and very big appetites. Of course, we also satisfy average appetites and we make sure that you leave us with a happy stomach. As the pandemic times are not over yet, we have taken all necessary measures to prevent the spread of the sars-cov-2 virus. We urge you to follow the rules in force, to keep your physical distance and not to forget to wash your hands as often as possible. They are the key to our return to the normalcy we once knew.

In other words, we are waiting for you with a friendly atmosphere, cool spaces and a heated terrace. If you want to enjoy the first flakes that fall or you like to smoke while you talk, our terrace is for you. It has a constant temperature of 15 to 20 degrees Celsius, so your nose will not freeze there and you will be able to enjoy the food you ordered.

What have I prepared for you?

It’s time to take out the heavy artillery. We have for you the best burgers in Suceava, without a doubt. Container Street Food buggers come with a surprising combination of flavors and an explosion of tastes, so you’ll definitely want to come back to us.

Our burgers are made, at first hungry, and then they were prepared as if chemists were preparing a new revolutionary treatment. And, no joke, food is what unites us and is present in all important stages of our lives. With such importance, of course, the food must be good. Until our burgers convince you, if you have other cravings, we recommend the pork ribs on the menu. We’re not bragging, but thank you for doing this for us.

Moreover, we have prepared a daily menu worth 21 lei with our best dishes.

If you don’t have time to browse the whole menu, you can’t decide or you just want to leave it in our hands, the menu of the day is for you. From Monday to Friday, just a phone call away. Moreover, at each menu ordered you receive a dose of Ciuc Premium or Radler beer, of your choice. Our best suggestions are on the menu of the day. We know that the break is short and that you want to eat something good and fast. So, the menu of the day is here for you. The menu of the day contains a suggestion of soup, matched with bread and, to taste, hot peppers and cream. For type 2, we offer you a burrito or a tortilla that I heard is the best in Suceava. Of course, the suggestions are enriched and multiplied every day, when the menus take a different shape. On www.containerstreetfood.com you can find the recipes we are preparing for you and, if you are the determined type, we are at a green distance phone button: 0728721351. Come to the table.

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