Who said salad doesn’t taste good?

Who said salad doesn’t taste good?

Who said salad doesn’t taste good?

Do you know that moment when you would like to eat a big pizza, drink a cola (non-dietary), have a sauce and possibly some french fries?

But then you suddenly think that this is what you ate yesterday and that you should go for salads because Christmas is coming and you don’t plan to gain more than 5 kg in weight?

Yes, you are not alone. Everyone has such moments.

Instead, what you need to know is that a salad does not have to be boring and tasteless. Even if it is mostly green, healthy and it is more than advisable to eat it, a properly prepared salad tastes at least as good as a pizza with sauce (and non-dietary cola).

So, what do we do at Container Street Food for a great salad, maybe the best in Suceava?

Well, legend has it that there was once a team of talented chefs, all employed at

Container Street Food and who wanted to make salad a famous name in Suceava. The team of chefs prepared classic salad recipes, but just like everywhere, they looked for ingredients that would turn the taste from very good to excellent.

Legend has it that since they discovered the recipe for excellence in salads in Suceava, Container chefs are the most famous in the area.

Joke aside, a good salad needs skilled hands, fresh ingredients and skilled cooks.

In Romania, history introduces us to salad in 1877, in the story of Harap Alb by Ion Creangă. The chronicles say that the Romanian was used to consuming everything he found good to eat, and the simple peasant came across the minimalist, unmistakable flavor of the salad he put next to the polenta.

Today’s gourmands would say that it is not a suitable choice, but the history of the Romanians tells us that this is how the salad is still eaten here.

Going back in time, the history of lettuce cultivation begins in Egypt, 5,000 years ago. To us, to the Romanians, it reached the Greeks and Romans. Because it was a spongy vegetable and did not need much care, the salad was quickly adapted in many parts of the world, becoming the main ingredient in many cuisines of the world.

Romania presents the oldest mention of the salad in a Brancoveanu manuscript, a collection of recipes by Cantacuzino, which contained recipes such as: “lettuce salad with vinegar”, “boran leaf salad” or “chicory root salad” .

Yes, it wasn’t Caesar’s salad back then. However, what is really important is that since then the salad was an independent food, which did not need other dishes to be assorted.

However, the ingredients used are at least surprising. They include pomegranate, grass, silk leaves or endive. As our oldest chefs say, seasoning and dressing are what turn a handful of vegetables into a real salad.

In the world, salad is a cult recipe that could be found in any respected restaurant. Even though there were many good recipes, the Caesar salad recipe was by far the most requested and appreciated.

In general, even the name salad is given to Caesar Gardini, an immigrant who opened a restaurant in Mexico and the United States. When, at a party, his restaurant supplies were running low, Gardini invented the salad. He took what he found in the kitchen, mixed it and prepared the new food in front of all the guests. Even today this kind of service is preserved in Tijuana. Caesar’s original recipe included whole lettuce leaves, soft boiled eggs and Italian olive oil.

The leaves were whole just to be grasped by hand.

From the ingenious Romanian salad, to the Caesar salad and to the salad from Container Street Food was just one step: the love for good food. So I have prepared some celebrities from the world of salad, only good for the moments when you stay strong and do not give up a healthy diet.

And as I told you that properly cooked salads are as good as a pizza with sauce, know that our salads are presented with the freshest ingredients and vegetables and the finest combinations of dressings. Whether you want a simple salad with meat, tuna or Thai, Container Street Food helps you enjoy your stomach.

Here are the salad varieties we have prepared for you:

  • chicken salad;
  • tuna salad;
  • vegetarian salad;
  • thai salad.

The weight of the salad is between 360-400 g, which is enough to be full all day. And if you want to eat something more consistent, take a look at the menu of the day we prepared for you.

It costs only 20.99 lei and you have a CIUC or Radler beer from us, of your choice. Because we know what it’s like to have a short break, on the website and on our pages you can find the coolest and most delicious food suggestions. All you have to do is call us, tell us what you want, and we will come to you quickly with only good food to enjoy.

In any case, our terrace is open and heated and is waiting for you and your friends to enjoy a good meal with a glass of wine.

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