Why it can be healthy to eat burgers

Why it can be healthy to eat burgers

Why it can be healthy to eat burgers

Burgers and burger menus have a pretty bad reputation. And it’s rightly so in some cases because it brings fat into your body and greatly increases your calorie intake.

But on the other hand, burgers are really healthy. So before you raise your eyebrows when you want to order a burger menu in Suceava, at Container, in this article you will find some benefits of burgers that will surely amaze you.

Of course, consider a totally healthy and balanced diet. But burgers are not the worst of the worst. They come with a serious intake of vitamins and minerals that will convince you to order them next time you stop by Container Street Food Suceava .

Conjugated linoleic acid in burgers

That’s what you did not expect. And, as a starting point, the following is not about the studies of the “British researchers”, so badly known in the research. In general, burgers have a component called conjugated linoleic acid or CLA. This type of acid has shown signs of fighting cancer in some studies.

Also, until today you heard that if you eat burgers, you will clearly gain weight. In addition to the fact that the fattening process can be a difficult one that involves several factors in addition to eating burgers, this above-mentioned acid fights with weight reduction.

Yes, CLA reduces weight. Basically, it prevents weight gain and improves fat loss by improving the body’s metabolism. Nobody says it’s healthy to eat 3 burgers a day. Although, given that you are balancing the meals of the next few days, this is not a real problem either.

Burger protein

Surely you know that all cells have proteins. Protein is an essential compound in the body that helps you stay active and productive. They are absolutely necessary to lose weight, to gain weight and to feel like a millionaire. Just as we find protein in almost every food, so we find it in burgers. They have some ingredients that contain healthy proteins.

They help you train and build your muscles. Ingredients such as bacon are a brilliant source of protein that will surely help you keep your body in the desired shape.


A burger contains several ingredients such as animal, salad, vegetables and dairy. Thus, the burger brings you an important intake of vitamins, most of the B vitamins.

In general, these vitamins help to use food energy in an appropriate way. B vitamins help the body create red blood cells. A deficiency of vitamin B12 can come with some serious problems including weakness, numbness, anemia and other problems related to the nervous system.

burgers 1
burgers 1

Minerals in burgers

Burgers are an excellent source of minerals. It generally depends on the ingredients used in the burger process. However, for the most part, the burgers at Container Street Food Suceava have a fairly large amount of zinc.

Zincul joacă un rol imens în crearea de celule roșii din sânge și în îmbunătățirea metabolismului. Zincul îți îmbunătățește sistemul imunitar și, prin urmare, este un element pe care l-ai vrea în alimentația ta.

Burgers, an undeserved reputation

So, if you thought that burgers are harmful to your health, now your perception should change. You can eat burgers several times a week without any fear because you will know that the benefits for your health are not to be ignored.

Therefore, at Container Street Food Suceava, a series of burger menus are waiting for you, which you can’t refuse. Whether you prefer beef or chicken burgers, salad or more potatoes, you can find all the recipes you need at Container. As you already know, all the ingredients we use are fresh, so that the nutrient intake is as high as possible. This also leads to a much lower number of calories.

Container Street Food Suceava is the restaurant that brings you that good, instagramable food that makes your stomach clap at the end. Don’t think long and quench your hunger with one of the best burgers in Suceava.

Don’t forget that you can order any dish at home, through the free home delivery service in Suceava.

Moreover, our blog is at your disposal with fresh information about the nutritional intake of the various dishes on the menu.

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