With 21 lei MENU of the day you eat Superlative

With 21 lei MENU of the day you eat Superlative

With 21 lei MENU of the day you eat Superlative

Does it happen to you that you don’t know what you want to eat? It’s like you want something sweet, but you know it’s not good either. It’s like you’re craving something cooked, but you don’t know why and you wouldn’t even eat fast food because you ate the other day. Container Street Food makes your job easier and brings you the menu of the day.

We offer you our best suggestions in a tasty, savory menu of the day and for any pocket. There is no need to browse dozens of menu tabs, without knowing exactly what you would like to delight your taste buds. We know exactly what it’s like to be at the office, to have an hour break and to have a crazy craving for something, but … you don’t know why.

As I told you before that we are big gourmets, we prepared the menu of the day for any appetite, ready to leave an explosion of flavors and tastes in your mouth. And since you yourself told us that we are good at mouths, we know for sure that you will like our menu. So if you are looking for a menu of the day

Suceava as in the book, you got it right.

Container Street Food is the place where food is the foundation, and smiles are the walls that keep the warmth of live music evenings.

We are here to make your life more beautiful, doing what we know best: to cook and bring you good cheer.

The best menu of the day in Suceava

You don’t have to be a big gourmand to want a healthy, rich and cooked meal. With fresh ingredients, natural dishes and products from local producers, the menu of the day is diet friendly and hunger friendly.

How we respect your hunger, we bring you the best we have every day, with a series of suggestions included in the best menu of the day Suceava.

As the weather is cold and the noses are cold, we offer you a different soup every day of the week. You already know that the soup was considered recovering. There were times when soup was served as a treatment for soldiers returning from the front. And that’s because it is easily digested by the body, has a large amount of fluid and helps digestion.

And since in childhood the soup was the food of viruses and flu, well, in pandemic times it doesn’t hurt to be careful. Therefore, the menu of the day contains a tasty suggestion of soup, matched with bread and, to taste, hot peppers and cream. For type 2, we offer you a burrito or a tortilla that I heard is the best in Suceava.

Tortilla is, in free translation, a small cake and appeared 10,000 years BC. Tortilla was the main food of the Aztecs and was made from dry-core corn. However, it is the basic gastronomic element of the northern states of Mexico.

Today, tortilla is no longer made from corn flour, but wheat flour is also used, and we prepare it with various fresh vegetables, well-made meat and other ingredients that give it the taste that many Suceava residents have fallen in love with. In order for the Suceava menu of the day to be complete, for each menu ordered we offer you a gift and a dose of Ciuc beer.

It’s not summer anymore, which is true, but the beer seems to go better after dinner and if it’s in the heat of your house, well, you have a plus. However, you are also welcome on our terrace with smiles, good cheer and the menu of the day. There we also prepared heaters, so that the weather outside would not send us home.

For everything to be made to order, whatever menu of the day you choose, it costs only 21 lei.

Yes, only 21 lei for a superlative menu of the day, like a book.

We guarantee taste and good mood, and we are always with a smile on our face when we see you.

Leave it to us!

For the days when you don’t know what you want to eat, leave it to us. From Monday to Friday, we offer you the tastiest menu of the day in Suceava, we know you would like something good and if you do not have time to check the options, so we choose for you.

If you have other culinary cravings, we are here to make sure they are fulfilled. Take a look at our menu on containerstreetfood.com and tell us what you want.

We are waiting for you on the terrace or we will come to you. You can also find us at 0728 721 351.

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